Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I seen your love
Your well-concealed love
You try to hide it good
But I seen as I should

I see in your eyes
The excitement you hold back
You want to reach out
See what we are about

I see you are scared
That I will be like him
Leave your worry at the door
It time to let our love soar

I see you know how I feel
And you are not running away
If you decide to stay
I will love you every day

"Yours" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2011


  1. Beautiful poem ^_^ as if it spoke ones mind ^_^

  2. thanks alot Hessa, glad to read your comment in my blog

  3. I didn't know that you write "love" poems ;p

    Nice one btw :)

  4. Well I normally don't post about love, but sometimes some asks me to do so! :D