Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Insults To God In The Bible

Greetings Reader! As usual I’ve been discussing with a Christian and we were talking about the Bible. I was wondering why would the Christians believe that the “Bible” is book of God when it contains insults to the Supreme God? I mean I am a human being with so many flaws and weaknesses yet, if I wrote a book I wouldn’t insult myself, so how can humans thinks that the Supreme God would insult himself in his own Book, that would prove this God is not Perfect God. Let’s assume that there is someone who likes me wrote a book about me, would he insult me? of course not! So why the writers of the Bible (If we assumed they love God) would insult God in this book called the Bible?

I told the Christian I will quote verses from the Bible that contains insult to God so I can prove it’s not book of God but book was written by some human beings who don’t know the Great God. In fact in a Book that is considered the Book of God, if there was a single mistake, it would lose its authenticity of being God’s words let alone if there countless of mistakes and issues. When one compares how God is presented in the Bible with how God is presented in the Quran; if he had 0.5% of sanity, he would immediately realize that the Quran respects the Supreme God more than the Bible does.

Dear human beings, would you prefer to worship a God that sleeps? The thought itself make me feel sorry for those who would worship such a God. Oh Christian, read what your book said about God: “Then the Lord awoke as from sleep, as a man wakes from the stupor of wine” Psalms 78:65 while the Quran says: “Allah! La ilaha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He), the Ever Living, the One Who sustains and protects all that exists. Neither slumber, nor sleep overtake Him." (Translation of Verse 255 from Chapter 2). Tell me Christian, who is greater? A God who sleep or a God that doesn’t sleep?

Another example “On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation, so he rested from all his work” Genesis 2:2. So the God represented in the Bible gets tired and he rests! I can’t comprehend for more than 1000 years people would worship a God that rests! So the Almighty God took a break. Compare the previous with what the Quran says: “And indeed We created the heavens and the earth and all between them in six days and nothing of fatigue touched Us.”

As I have described in my previous posts, God in Islam is all Mighty, All Powerful, All Wise, he can do anything he wants, he is Perfect there is no weaknesses or powerlessness. Oh Christian, imagine, your so called book of God the Bible says about the Great Lord “And the LORD was with Judah, and he took possession of the hill country, but he could not drive out the inhabitants of the plain because they had chariots of iron.” Judges 1:19 Were the iron chariots too strong for Omnipotence? Sadly Christians scholars would try to find excuses but what can they change when what’s written is so clear that anyone do understands. Compare the weak God described in the Bible to God in the Quran: “Verily, His Command, when He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, "Be!" and it is!”  (Translation of Chapter 36 Verse 82). I swear any human being who have the least knowledge would realize the great difference!

Here are some more examples: “And the LORD regretted that he had made Saul king over Israel.” Samuel 15:35. Another weakness: “So the LORD changed His mind about the harm which He said He would do to His people.” Exodus 32:14 and yet another weakness: “So the LORD said, “I will blot out man whom I have created from the face of the land, man and animals and creeping things and birds of the heavens, for I am sorry that I have made them.” Genesis 6:7. Oh Christian, as you can see, your Bible says your God regretted, changed his mind, and he is sorry. Why would God regrets or change his mind if he knows what will happen in the future? That just proves he is not All Wise. One apologize and say sorry when he do a mistake, so the God in the Bible did a mistake? Why would you worship a God that do mistake when the Quran represent a God who is perfect with no flaws or mistakes?

Oh Christian, after all the verses I quoted from your own Book, do you still believe that the Bible is God’s words? Oh Christian, if I just knew who wrote those words I quoted, I would slap him/her and tell him/her: “Wake up! You are not Describing the True God” if any Christian still believes such are the words of God I am sorry to say but he/she is in a hopeless case for any sane person can tell a God shouldn’t be represented as how the Bible represented him. Oh Christian, I swear if the Quran was written by a human being I would still love it more than the Bible, at least it represent God perfectly! Oh Christian, I invite you to read the real book of God, the Quran. The book that wasn’t changed and is protected by God. Regardless of the Sun’s brightness, the Blind can’t see it’s light. Oh Christian, let’s hope you are not blind…


  1. Thank you AbdulAziz. Yes, We have been discussing this. As you know I have no problem saying, Yes, it seems man has been trying to write stories and understand God longer than we can imagine..the truth of the matter is, as Christians..we have a Bible..A book whose pages came from many different times, and authors..many books..http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bible..And as you know..I am reading the Quran..;)P.s. In the Bible, the writers of those stories unfortunately "compare" God to man..and hence, Man's weaknesses..

  2. I'm not surprised for the "Holy Bible" i was catholic and i studied my high school in a catholic institute and in the Bible are many contradictions. Are two books inside of the Bible, the old testament is the first and the second is the new testament. The Bible "insult" to God because this book was different than the Quran. The first changed many times, many facts in the Bible in name of God by mens across the history of the catholicism and the second never changed any word across the history of the Islam. Why? Because the Muslims praise one God and the word of Allah is sacred, the christianity needs raise the image of Jesus as son of God and they put Jesus over the image of God. For this reason the christianity pray to God begging of Jesus or as many catholics to jesus or many angels in name of Jesus as God... Maybe is a little complicated and illogical! the bible is just a book with many jokes... because nothing there was written by God, was politics and conspiracy for the power and control of the world more than a religion is "politic" Not is coincide "The Vatican as independent state" ;)


    Anyway i prefer always the people with a big belief than the atheism.