Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Message to a Non-Muslim

 There was a lady who kept sending me messages, and posting comments on my blog’s various posts, and it seemed she respects me which I am greatly grateful for. Today, I received a message from the same lady saying she wants to be Muslim. First of all, I can’t express how happy I am that this lady is thinking to be a Muslim, just the idea of being a contributor in having a Non-Muslim thinking to be a Muslim makes me very glad. I want to tell this lady that: “The thinking alone proves that Allah is giving her opportunity to select her religion, selecting to worship her own creator”.

In our world today, we have many people living their lives thinking about almost everything and in addition to thinking, they also select. They think when they are selecting the cars they want to drive, selecting the shopping malls they want to visit, or if they were like my family, they might do a Project Plan where to have your dinner. We give thoughts, we select, we plan and then we act.

I was wondering few minutes ago, why we humans find it so easy to select many things and think about many things related to our life (Home, Car, Cloths, Wife/Husband, Friends, Body, Hair…etc) while we don’t think much about our religion? About our life after death. I want Non-Muslims who are reading my blog or following me on Twitter, I want them to ask themselves a question: “What If Islam was the Truth?” I want them to start asking about Islam, I don’t want them to be victims of the media where Islam is always pictured as the greatest threat, the source of all sadness in this world…etc I want them to look into Islam by reading the Holy Quran, by reading the life of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) Seek answers from authentic Islamic sources not books written against Islam or the media.

I really wish to write more about this topic but I don’t want to bore you dear reader, and I also wanted to say few words for the lady who is thinking to become a Muslim. Knowing that becoming a Muslim requires lots of honesty, guts and patience. When a Non-Muslim becomes a Muslim Allah put him/her in trials to see whether he/she will be able to be Muslim or she will give up and forsake Islam and return to her religion worshiping what he/she was worshiping before. In the school the teacher give us exams to see who is the smart student and who is the one who is not worthy to pass the exam, of course the smart student have to go through studying, focusing, lots of hardships to get the greatest mark, similarly this whole life is exam. It’s exam to see who will be good and who will be bad, who will worship the real God and who will worship others besides the real God, who deserves the reward in life after death and who deserves the punishment.

Oh Non-Muslim, be sure it will be not be an easy for you to be a Muslim, be prepared to face the life challenges. You might be hated by your society, friends, parents, you might even be hit, you might lose your job, you might be homeless, you might lose everything, but as long as you are equipped with faith and you are aware that you are through this because God want to test you, you will have undying will. You will smile under your greatest pain, you smile because you know that you were given the chance to take this exam and you are almost there to pass the exam. The greater the trial is, the greater and stronger you will become, like the basket ball the stronger we bounce the ball on the ground, the higher it rises.

Also remember that God gives rewards for those who really went through lots of hardships, the greater the hardship is the greater the reward is. Remember your school years, every year level is higher of the previous, you finish the school you get the certificate, then you go through harder study you gain better certificate Diploma, Higher Diploma, Bachelor, Masters, PhD…etc the more study and harder, the better the certificate. In this life dear Muslims, the harder the trial you are facing, have faith, because the greater the reward will be.

If you are a Muslim, you are brother/sister to millions out there. Remember that there are billions praying for you around this world, we Muslims, even if we can’t help our brothers and sisters physically; we at least pray and never underestimate the power of prayers and your own prayer. God can turn your life by just answering one prayer, a sincere prayer at the middle of the night. Oh Non-Muslim, All I have to say is that I will pray that God guides you and you become a Muslim (In Sha’a Allah =  If Allah (God) wills)