Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Wisdom can be perceived as the ability to apply knowledge or experience, understanding or common sense and insight; it’s the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise. Nowadays writing quotes to prove one’s wisdom is a trend, it’s started after Twitter was introduced. The difference between the Wise and the one who writes wise words is like the difference between the football player and the coach.

It’s very easy to write wise words to fool people that you are wise but that wouldn’t make you wise. For being wise and to be called “Hakeem” there are certain characteristics associated with wisdom. This includes sound judgment, self-knowledge, self-accept and self-actualization. Deep understanding, knowing one own’s responsibilities, compassion, filled with gratitude and positive attitude. It includes desiring the good of the whole, intuitive understanding, modesty, openness, kindness and truthfulness. In any situation you will find the wise will embrace the big picture, having multiple ways of knowing. He is insightful serving life, receptive recognizing the limitations.

Back in the old days, I was always telling myself that if I wanted to get married, found someone wise having the traits and characteristics I described above; I would immediately propose to her. I remember times when I was interested in some writing wise words. However today after Twitter I can’t count the number of people claiming to be wise whether by direct talks about themselves or letting their words talk instead of them.

I am not saying you don’t have to copy wise words and share it with others so they can benefit, but I am talking to those pretending to be wise. Words alone can’t give you the title “Hakeem”, it was once said: “Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something”

 I know someone who is claiming to be among the wise, she would keep disturbing her family until they take her to the tailor to collect her dress because she is having a wedding party and she must wear the new dress. She finds out that the tailor didn’t prepare or designed as per her prior requests you will find her shouting that even people outside the tailor shop would hear her voice. Anger took control of her mind; she spoke with the tailor with a polluted mind so she suffered afterwards, even though the wise knows very well that the very absence of anger and wrath is the quickest way to peace of mind. This destructive instinct is the poison of the mind, the father of the jealousy and hatred, a temporary insanity.

After returning home she will start crying because she couldn’t do anything about it, you will find her consumed by sadness, a feeling we all know how it tastes, a feeling that damages the mind and pain the heart. Finally to prove her ignorance she calls or sends text messages to her friends that she wouldn’t be going to the wedding party to extent she might lie and say she is busy or sick while in fact she doesn’t have the expected dress. Honestly, where is the wisdom!? If wisdom does have a leg it will run far away from this lady.

It’s true that words of wisdom didn’t give her wisdom but that experience at least did so. If it didn’t and she didn’t become wiser today after that incident all I would say is that wisdom doesn’t comes to fools. I am sure all of you heard about such incidents; after all she is not the only person contradicting herself. The wise person in my opinion is the one using wisdom to understand what really the wisdom is. The world is full of fools and the road filled with forks, having the wisdom and being wise in our acts gives us power and courage to bear the misfortunes.

Now if you ask me would I propose to ladies claiming to be wise or being called “7akeema” my answer is simply “No” and thanks goes to Twitter. Thank you; you don’t know how much you helped.

~Kind Of Gold~

You say you've always just been lost,
Taking risks without knowing the cost.

Leaving wisdom to the wind,
Convinced yourself weakened

By inexperience and a fork in the road.
I bet they said you'd never understand,

War wages on between identity and a painted mask
As a society says you are not up to the task.

But my dear, you've got the kind of gold
That doesn't come with years...

"Kind Of Gold" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2009

Monday, May 30, 2011

~Lies and Betrayal~

What can hurt this bad?

What can hurt the most?

This pain is too immense

This pain I cannot allow,

These lies and all this hatred,

Why would you do this to me?

Why would you betray me?

Why is this world filled with this?

So now all there is left to do,

Is feel bad for you,

Because in the end you hurt,

Not only me but you as well,

With all your lies and Betrayal

Your guilt must be two times worse...

"Lies & Betrayal" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2006

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Shadows danced briefly through the room,
Hellbent on rising from a shallow tomb
buried by hand behind his soul.

Logical in his own right,
curiosity wins this dreadful night
but his energy writhes in wonder.

A social butterfly with a broken wing,
far too proud to acknowledge the sting
pervading frozen veins.

Strength and agility prove invalid ties
binding the mind that lies
tormented beneath the moonlight.

Gemini screams shatter the silence,
one final leap through his own defense.
Sleep comes easily tonight.

"Gemini" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Allah's Names & Attributes

Having faith in God is important and having faith in his attributes is important.” This is a quote I keep repeating every now and then. Some may ask having faith in God is all we need, it’s true that having faith in God is the base and the main thing but it’s not enough, we cannot worship something we don’t know anything but only a name. It’s true that Allah’s name is in our hearts and we understand well what “Allah” means but then again we have people with corrupted hearts who can’t recognize God by only Allah.

Imagine your life without believing in Allah’s attributes and names, imagine that no one told you Allah is “The All Almighty, The All Merciful, The Pure One, The Source Of Peace, The Compeller, The Absolute Ruler, The Creator, The Maker Of Order, The Shaper of Beauty, The Giver of All, The Sustainer, The Loving One, The Truth, The All Powerful, The Glorious, The Owner of All, The Knower of All, The Hearer of All, The All-Aware, The Magnificent…etc” The one who knows what’s in our hearts and secrets. The one who created his creations out of nothing, the one who raises the dead. The one who cure all diseases. Imaging your life without knowing these names and attributes.

What’s the use if you believe in God without believing and having faith in his names and attributes? Will it stop you from committing sins? Isn’t fear of Allah and that he knows everything that makes us scared to have evil intents in our hearts? Isn’t it fear of the fact that he can see everything to the extent he can see the ant in the night under the rocks that we don’t commit sins in the dark? Isn’t it our awareness of Allah’s hearing everything that makes us stop gossiping?

Imagine you are sick and the doctors told you, you have no chance of living, who you will pray to you if don’t believe that Allah is the one who cure all disease? It’s because we believe Allah cure all disease we have faith and ask Allah to cure us. Imagine you are facing a moment of certain death, drowning, facing a monster, isn’t it our believe in Allah answering those praying to him asking for help that drives us to pray heart fully so we can be saved from our doom.

If someone stole our rights, started killing our family and took us to jail for no crimes we committed, it’s our faith that Allah is All Just what gives us a peace of mind when such events occurs. We are sure that one day Allah will give us our rights and give what the other side deserves. However if you don’t believe that Allah is all just this might drives you to take your revenge yourself, to kill that person.

How many times you came across someone was shy to say that I am son of a tailor or carpenter! How many times you came across someone hiding his identity and not telling them the fact that he or she is not an Arab? How many times you came across Non-bedwins talking and wearing like bedwins? How many times you saw poor buying 500,000+ X6 or Mercedes G series or whatever? How many times you’ve come across a brother denying that his fat brother is actually his brother or ashamed of his family name? You see all this because all these people they don’t really have full faith in Allah’s name el 3azeez (Almighty, Victorious, All-Sufficient). They believe that if they are Arabs they have the pride, if they have a 500,000+ car they have the pride, if they are rolling guns and having long hair is the pride but that’s not even close in fact that’s too low and cheap.

True pride comes when you are servant to the almighty, if you [Really] have faith in Allah’s name “Al-3zeez” and the fact you are his servant, even if you were short fat ugly looking human you at least have the pride, you can easily walk confidentially in front of the people I mentioned telling them you guys are servants and looking pride from some who can’t give you pride, but I am someone having pride by just considering myself the servant of Pride itself. If you believe that Allah is the one having all Pride, the self-sufficient then that gives you enough pride that you are his servant. Can you even imagine the comparison between a low creatures like humans to their Almighty Creator El3azeez, in fact if you saw this comparison is possible please look for any psychological doctor because you are then officially [Insane].

If we really believe in Allah’s attributes and act based on these attributes we will live the best life we can live, we can be the strongest and nothing can hurt us or make us sad. The wise in my opinion is the one who believes in Allah’s names and attributes along with its results in our universe. The more you know about Allah’s names and attributes the wiser, the greater, the stronger you are….

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Women's oppression

“Islam oppresses women”- How many times did you hear this statement?! If it was heard once and from one person, I might have ignored posting about this; but It’s getting boring when you hear the same statement again and again from countless people. The sad part that this statement is regularly repeated by Muslims and not infidels. Muslims who claim to know about this religion when in fact they are ignorant about the basic pillars of Islam and attributes of the almighty God.  In this post I will prove we have no right to say Islam oppressed women and in fact we shouldn’t even dare to claim such ugly statements.

I remember I asked someone about this statement and they gave me examples of Islam oppressing women, one of these examples was that; a woman can’t be Imam (Leading prayers). Another was that unlike men, women are not allowed to marry four.

I want to say that no women -in fact no human being- can have logical evidence that women are oppressed in Islam. How they can succeed in finding one flaw when the one who created this religion is none other than the All Wise Almighty God Allah.  It’s like someone trying to extinguish the sun with drop of water.

As a reply to Muslims who claimed this before; I will ask them few questions. The first question is do you believe in Allah? If the answer was yes then I would ask do you know the attributes of Allah? Isn’t he the The King, The Most Holy, The Creator, The Most Merciful, The Almighty, The All Knowing, The Wise… No Muslim will dare to claim that Allah is not such as I mentioned otherwise he wouldn’t be categorized as Muslim. Now If you accept that no human can be knowing more than Allah, if you admit that no human can be more merciful than Allah, if you claim no human is more wise than Allah- then why you are claiming he oppressed Women? Isn’t Allah who said in Quran or through his Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) that what we humans should do and what we shouldn’t do! What’s allowed and what’s not allowed?

If you agree on what I said then how you can claim he oppressed Women? Once you declare this you are actually claiming Allah is not justice, not Merciful, not All Knowing, not Wise. Can you see how dangerous the claim is? Of course anyone belittling almighty God shouldn’t be considered among the sane because all sane people understands very well when we say God we mean perfection in everything, perfection in names, in works...etc

Now if you don’t believe in Allah and his beautiful names, pure logic doesn’t accept what you claimed “To liberate Women” Because what Allah ordered us to do is matching with logic. In fact Logic's best friend is Islam. As we are all aware of, one of the benefits of the prayer that worshippers listen to their God’s words through the Imam. Now imagine a Woman leading dozens of men! Imagine a lady praying and reading Quran while men listening at the back. Imagine now her voice is beautiful and seducing, what first comes to men’s mind! Isn’t it something like: “Wow her voice is beautiful” or “Ahhhh I love her voice I wanna see her” while men supposed in prayer to focus on what is being read. I know some will say oh for God’s sake you are in a mosque; such thing won’t happen because they are focusing on something more important which is Quran! To be frank with you that’s wrong! That’s against the nature of men. Some men just by hearing a women saying in a soft voice: “Hello” it might destroy their life! Imagine he listen to her voice 5 times daily!

Imagine now the Lady imam bowed in front of men! Is this a form a man can resist if he looked? Most men would have beastly desires when they see such forms. I know you would say he is not supposed to see but what if he saw by mistake? What if he was late in prayer? It's true there are men who can resist such thoughts because they have this great heart that is only focused on Allah, praying…etc but this is not the case for most human being and this religion is to be followed by all humans not meant for group of people. When a lady does such thing it’s as if you throw a meat in front of starving wild animals.

Now for the other oppression, some claims why women can’t marry four? Well simply because if she is married to four, she wouldn’t know the son she is bearing in her womb belongs to which Husband? Plus if she is receiving sperm of four can you imagine kinds of disease she will get! Besides the disease it’s an ugly act that is hated by all humans who are still holding to their humanity. Imagine a cup filled with mixture of ugly mud! It’s important to know that women in their affair with men are the receiver not the sender.

Naturally the women is the follower, be it in Islam or any other religion all sane people say that the women should be the follower of men. I am married to woman who is married to three others, if I gave her a task, the other gave her another task, and the third gave her another task I wonder for how long she can hold herself together!

It’s important to remind you that Islam didn’t come to equalize between all the opposites but to give each side it’s right, it came to bring justice for both of them. You can never equalize between a criminal and pious, you can never equal the animal with human, but it gave them the justice they require. Anyone claiming that Islam is oppressing women is totally wrong and I can prove to anyone I challenge the whole humanity to come up with one valid oppression Allah did for Women. Of course those who don’t have minds are out of this challenge. I am not arrogant but I am confidence that nothing in this world can be compared to Allah’s Justice, knowledge, wisdom and mercy…

مَّا تَرَى فِي خَلْقِ الرَّحْمَنِ مِن تَفَاوُتٍ فَارْجِعِ البَصَرَ هَلْ تَرَى مِن فُطُورٍ * ثُمَّ ارْجِعِ البَصَرَ كَرَّتَيْنِ يَنقَلِبْ إِلَيْكَ البَصَرُ خَاسِئاً وَهُوَ حَسِيرٌ "
(سورة الملك من الآية 3 إلى الآية 4)

“No want of proportion wilt thou see in the Creation of (God) Most Gracious. So turn thy vision again: seest thou any flaw? Again turn thy vision a second time: (thy) vision will come back to thee dull and discomfited, in a state worn out.”
The Holy Quran (67:003 & 004)

Sunday, May 1, 2011


United we stood every time but the time took away the chime. He came very slowly on his paws and tore us apart with his claws. He segregated us because we were fools and we all used to fight among ourselves losing our cool. He tasted our blood and rejoiced with joy because we had minds as small as coy. Later we realized that how we had been tricked and how our wits had been kicked….. Now it’s our time and we are now together so that we live safely and happily forever, we are not weak anymore and we want to take revenge that is all we vow. United our real power has become strong and we will taste the victory finally and that won’t take long…..