Sunday, May 29, 2011


Shadows danced briefly through the room,
Hellbent on rising from a shallow tomb
buried by hand behind his soul.

Logical in his own right,
curiosity wins this dreadful night
but his energy writhes in wonder.

A social butterfly with a broken wing,
far too proud to acknowledge the sting
pervading frozen veins.

Strength and agility prove invalid ties
binding the mind that lies
tormented beneath the moonlight.

Gemini screams shatter the silence,
one final leap through his own defense.
Sleep comes easily tonight.

"Gemini" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2011


  1. I'm a Gemini too just not too sure about the post. Question,, did you take all of these pictures?

  2. Lol not everything I write reflects truth specially in poems, as for the pictures I googled them :D

  3. Gemini really scare me like a sing...
    two faces (like the theater mask)and Leo women...gemini's man + leo's woman grr...

    i'm water in all, is my element in the life.
    - Scorpio with moon in Mart, ascendant in Scorpio too, firt dean.
    - Chinese sing: Dog and my element "water" too :)

    No smell like a fish hahaha!!! often CH, by Carolina Herrera, Lola by Marc Jacobs, Pure poison by Dior, Miss Dior... and always dream with will be a sexy mermaid...

    ps. the best translate to my quote: Volveré y seré millones es ( I will return and I will millions)

    Is crazy i don't believe in zodiac sings or whatever but i know all my cosmo hahaha!!!

  4. i understand you so much better! but it's true geminis always scare me :$