Tuesday, November 30, 2010

~Tweet Tweet~

Twitter has been my open gateway...
Finding a page that brightens my day...
Finding friends that open the way...
To laugh from the advice they have to say...
Molding my day like it was made clay...
Emiratweet, Angelistic and their nationalistic ways...
Natoof and the amazing design they display...
Um3awas and the people she has to slay...
Sarahit's unusual yet always humorous word's in the fray…
Sha, Wafa, Fearless, BooMayed have roles to play...
Wise quotes and advice so I don't fall astray...
Akhyaal & Gladiius two of the brightest rays…
It's never the same when the "Khoory"s are away...
All in all, what can I say...
Like the sun rising on a beautiful bay...
Twitter has affected me in the brightest ways...

"Tweet Tweet" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2010

~The Country~

A Country is more than a place to live,
A Country is there to protect and to give.
A Country is shelter, providing for you,
Giving back to your Country is the least you can do.
Does not matter what Country you're from,
To not give back is to label yourself "Dumb".
Abandoned and lost without governing forces,
Through or veins the Countries blood courses.
A Country is more than a place to live,
A Country is there to protect and to give. 

"The Country" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2010


I cannot take this place anymore...
My inner peace is dried like a fruit on the floor...
I have no love or happy thoughts...
I am simply consumed by worldly wrought...
I desire a calm and normal state...
To replace the despising hate...
Inside of me so I shall flee...
And embark on my first journey...
Thus far I’ve walked through the desert and sand...
So I can become one with nature and feel the earth in my hands...
This is where I want to be...
I am finally calm and finally free...

"Freedom" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

If you lost "Love"

You might be sad but don't show it, and let it go...
Don't let your heart out and don't shout...
Don't do the wrong but be strong. ...
Don't waste your tears for they are so dear...
Don't blame God or any other, it wont add any to the matter...
Don't worry and don't be sorry...
Stand up, step forward not backward...
Move on... Your old love is gone...
Forgive and forget the pain, live and love again...
With no fears but with care...

"Lost Love" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2010


قالوا: ابتسم
قلت كلما ابتسمت بسمة عذبة نقية وجدت طعنة غادرة لروحي الأبية... 
القلب بحرارة يشتكي و الدماء تسيل من كتابتي حين أكتب قصتي لكني رفضت الإنكسار و رفضته لأحبتي,

الحرية مطلبي و أنا أسير في قيود...
أسير غم برفقة وحدتي و أنا حر في الوجود...

نظرت للسماء شاكيا همي
وجدتها مليئة بالغمام
كأنها محملة بالغموم و كافة أنواع الهموم...

و نظرت للأرض باكيا قلبي
وجدت الحب فيها سرابا و القلوب مملوءة حقدا و عذابا... 

لازلت أسير أحزان على مر الأيام و الليالي و الأزمان
كصريع تخبطه الشيطان من المس أنتظر فرجا من الرحمن خالق الأكوان... 

المعذرة يا روحي فقد جعلتك حائرا ضائعا... 
المعذرة يا قلبي فقد جعلتك للحب جائعا... 
المعذرة لخواطري لجعلها تتسم بطابع الحزن والألم و الشقاء و الجفاء

, احتار القلم لم أنشد بالألم وأتغنى بالشجن وما يحتويه من حزن
فالكثير من الناس بحث عنها وعن معاني غموضها في قواميس لا وجود لها في هذا الزمان
فلست أبوح إلا بقصاصات و خواطر لا تمت بالواقع صلة

فصدقوني القول أفلا تصدقون كذبتي!؟
المعذرة لسعادتي الوهمية فقد طلقتك ثلاثا
و عشقت الحزن
و عاشرته دهرا و ما الحب إلا للحبيب الأول!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Somehow you find her, your one in the crowd
And brace yourself for opening of your heart

You can’t help it the first time you say hi aloud
When she smiles you know you’ll never be apart

Graceful and smart, both witty and sweet
You love all about her, her face and her eyes

Her hair and her clothes, her legs and her feet
How she gives advice, both helpful and wise

You fall for the first time and she doesn’t leave
She picks you back up and holds you so close

She makes you want more and you start to believe
You just want to tell her but can’t be verbose

You’ve lived thirty years and she’s lived the same
You want to spend fifty or more in her light

Remembering that before you even knew her name
You’d fallen in love with all of your might

She laughs when you joke, even when they are bad
Her touch is like Heaven, healing your soul

She never abandons you, never gets mad
She’s you’re other half, and she makes you whole

She’s cautious but does not avoid the bad times
Her open arms wait with a love that is true

And so with the simplest and smallest of rhymes
You tell her through this, “Baby, how I love you.”

"Perfection" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010


He fights to stay awake, his bones are so tired
For endless days and months, in this much he’s been mired

All he did was do what his president asked
With saving a country, these men were all tasked

All she did on that morning was run out of bread
So she sent her daughter with a kiss on her head

Down to the corner with a dollar and change
Never, no never, to see her again

The child cries in hunger, the animals suffer
From murder and violence there is no buffer

“I’ll shoot him,” the brother says, holding a gun
“After all, he’ll come back, and the game will be won.”

In silence the girl weeps, will nobody care?
No one asks about school, and no one is aware

Until the school calls to say she never showed
Mom forever wonders where blades were stowed

Out on the playground or here in the street
Whether strangers to us or someone we meet

We don’t know what private hell they go through
And we shouldn’t judge what they say or they do

For no matter how hard the world chooses to be
Humans were created to live and be free

We fight and we struggle, we claw and we scratch
And eventually win; the world is no match

Determination, that’s what we’re made of
We have such strong will, and are so full of love

Just reach out a hand or offer an ear
Or hold someone close when they need you near

The wars will go on; the depression, it’s true
But it takes just one man to change it, and you?

Will you be the one to just say, “I care”?
Or will you walk on by like they’re not even there?

"Struggle" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2010

Friday, November 26, 2010


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

قال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (من لقي الله لا يشرك به شيئاً دخل الجنة). رواه البخاري.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (من آمن بالله وبرسوله ، وأقام الصلاة ، وصام رمضان ، كان حقاً على الله أن يدخله الجنة ). رواه البخاري.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم- : (من بنى مسجداً يبتغي به وجه الله بنى الله له مثله في الجنة). رواه البخاري.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (من صلى البردين دخل الجنة). رواه البخاري.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: ( من غدا إلى المسجد أو راح أعدَّ الله له نزله من الجنة كلما غدا أو راح). رواه البخاري.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (من يضمن لي ما بين لحييه وما بين رجليه أضمن له الجنة). رواه البخاري.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (من صلى اثنتي عشرة ركعة في يوم وليلة بُني له بهن بيت في الجنة). رواه مسلم.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (من سلك طريقاً يلتمس فيه علماً سهّل الله له به طريقاً إلى الجنة) رواه مسلم.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (ما من أحد يتوضأ فيحسن الوضوء ويصلي ركعتين يقبل بقلبه ووجهه عليهما إلا وجبت له الجنة). رواه أبو داود، وصححه الألباني.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (من قال: رضيت بالله رباً، وبالإسلام ديناً، وبمحمد -صلى الله عليه وسلم- نبياًّ، وجبت له الجنة). رواه أبو داود.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (من كان آخر كلامه لا إله إلا الله دخل الجنة). رواه أبو داود. وصححه الألباني.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (من قال: سبحان الله العظيم وبحمده، غرست له نخلة في الجنة) رواه الترمذي، وصححه الألباني.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (من مات وهو بريء من ثلاث: الكبر، والغلول، والدّين دخل الجنة ). رواه الترمذي.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (من عال جاريتين دخلت أنا وهو الجنة). رواه الترمذي، بهذا اللفظ ومسلم.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (من أذن اثني عشرة سنة وجبت له الجنة). رواه ابن ماجه، وقال الألباني: صحيح.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (من سأل الله الجنة ثلاث مرات قالت الجنة: اللهم أدخله الجنة) رواه الترمذي، وقال الألباني: صحيح.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (من عاد مريضاً أو زار أخاً له في الله ناداه مناد: أن طبت وطاب ممشاك، وتبوأت من الجنة منزلاً) رواه الترمذي، وقال الألباني: حسن.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (إن الصدق يهدي إلى البر، وإن البر يهدي إلى الجنة). رواه البخاري.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (تكفل الله لمن جاهد في سبيله لا يخرجه إلا الجهاد في سبيله، وتصديق كلماته بأن يدخله الجنة). رواه البخاري.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (أيها الناس، أفشوا السلام، وأطعموا الطعام، وصلوا والناس نيام، تدخلوا الجنة بسلام). رواه الترمذي، وقال الألباني: صحيح.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (العمرة إلى العمرة كفارة لما بينهما، والحج المبرور ليس له جزاء إلا الجنة). رواه البخاري.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (إن لله تسعة وتسعين اسماً مائة إلا واحداً، من أحصاها دخل الجنة). رواه البخاري.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (لقد رأيت رجلاً يتقلب في الجنة في شجرة قطعها من ظهر الطريق كانت تؤذي الناس). رواه مسلم.

وقال -صلى الله عليه وسلم-: (سيد الاستغفار: "اللهم أنت ربي لا إله إلا أنت خلقتني وأنا عبدك وأنا على عهدك ووعدك ما استطعت، أبوء لك بنعمتك وأبوء لك بذنبي فاغفر لي فإنه لا يغفر الذنوب إلا أنت، أعوذ بك من شر ما صنعت". إذا قال حين يمسي فمات دخل الجنة أو كان من أهل الجنة، وإذا قال حين يصبح فمات من يومه، دخل الجنة). رواه البخاري.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Circle Of Darkness

I had enough of suffering in life, I wanted "A" rest...
The Dark Angel appeared and it was for my best..

I asked: "Oh angel of death help me, take my soul..."
I thought I will never regret this, since it was my goal...

And finally when I thought I found my own happiness...
I still could feel even though I only sought nothingness...

How come? I tried so many times to talk to and ask my soul...
No Answer, I realized he is no more, he finished his role...

Who knows what I am to be considered? Alive or dead...
I finally realized when the question was bugging my head...

Yeah I died with feelings that even death can't seal...
In the end it won't matter what and how I feel...

Happiness always fades to the same darkness...
And the only thing that remains is sadness...

"The Circle Of Darkness" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2006

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

~Last Days Of The Dark One~

A little girl found a book called "The Sealed Fate". When she found it a black winged figure appeared in front of her. The 5 years old girl asked who are you!? And she hears the reply: "Angel of Death, I am here to take The Dark One's soul, for some reasons the soul wondered here again as soon as you came. She realized he was the author of the book. Then she asked how the last days of that man were known as the Dark One. The Angel of Death turned away giving his back to the little girl, he then starts:

A life where his eyes are always filled with tears, he kept praying: "Allah please have a mercy on me, why I cannot resist her? Why she keeps coming in my life" prayers run fallen, slipped from his lips, Tears roll down on his cheek. Though dead he lived, he cannot part from love that lives within his heart. Everyday of his life he walks around, walking through the gardens staring at the stars and ground. His heart is constantly struck with pain...

He doesn't have a friend he is all by himself; he goes home at night and takes his book off the shelf. He writes down what happened and what went down on his entire life. Anyone who reads his book can tell the days he cried because the drops don't go away. If you look on every page you can see little red stains, you see where the ink ran because the blood that flooded out of his eyes... In his little book he writes what's on his mind and no one really knows all the pain that is behind. Behind every story, every single poem he wrote, behind his pretty smile, behind his suicide notes. No one really knew and no one really cared, even I don't think anyone’s life could really be compared...

The Angel of Death stopped speaking. The girl walked towards the Angel of Death saying: "Mr. Winged man, why did you stop?" as her hands are shivering for unknown reasons to herself. The Black Winged Angel continues:

That’s because no one cared, because he had no friends. His inside they never did see. He wrote his last story about his life that he would soon end. He lost all reason he once had to live... He wrote it in the book on the very back cover because the pages had been filled for what people would soon discover. They would finally get to read all the story's that he wrote about the things he went through, they would read every single note. His last entry was dated November 16th 2007 It was titled "Death". By the time someone found him he was soaking in his blood. The book was there beside him also soaking in the flood. For many years after the book was never read until you found it. And now I will keep it with you and do whatever you want.

The Angel of Death took the soul of the Dark One and disappeared. Meanwhile, the girl started reading the book. After finishing reading she killed herself, because she couldn't bare the guilt because she never realized all this time that there was someone who could love her Mother that much. The Angel of Death appeared asking: "Why you killed yourself" and the little girl answered innocently: "I know I cannot love mom and dad as much as this man loved my mom. I cannot allow myself to live when there is a man with that much love leaving for the other world alone, Mr. Dark One your love will always be eternal…"

"Last Days" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2007

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

~The Lone Wolf~

A dark figure appears, the street lamp burns bright
Shadowing silently into the night
This man so aloof, travels here on his own
He faces each moment, each day, all alone
He knows what he knows and keeps it in mind
Moving with purpose, his eyes are kind
He walks past the woman waiting for her love
And wonders when he'll get his own from above
Restless and wandering, thinking of life
Wondering at the continual strife
He looks much younger than his thirty years
And nobody knows of his darkest fears
Pulling a book from his overcoat pocket,
He finds nestled there his mother's old locket
Stopping, he opens it only to find
Similar eyes staring back, the left side is signed
He shoves it away, along with emotions
And continues along with quick, jerking motions
He'll sit with his book once again and just learn
While beneath his skin the fire will burn
His wall is adorned with yellows and greens
Artwork, but nobody knows what it means
Only he, in his mind, as he thinks far too much
Of everything he's done, and should do and such
The silence a deafening roar in his ears
He looks at the table; he's knocked back two beers
The cat that he rescued from out in the cold
Jumps up on his lap with a collar of gold
The man smiles and pets him, then leans back his head
Once again on this night alone to bed
But that is the way of the Gemini man
He's living his life just the best that he can
"The Lone Wolf" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed  2010 

Monday, November 22, 2010

الإرتقاء بالكتابة

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الحمدلله و حده و الصلاة و السلام على من لا نبي بعده

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

قرأت كتاب "الإرتقاء بالكتابة" للمؤلف محمد بن ابراهيم الحمد فقررت أن ألخصها. جزاه الله خيرا على كتابته و إليكم 31 سببا للإرتقاء بالكتابة:

أسباب الإرتقاء بالكتابة:

1.        حفظ القرآن الكريم، والاكثار من تلاوته  وتدبره
2.        الاكثار من مطالعة كتب السنة
3.        مطالعة دواوين العرب في الشعر، وحفظُ ما تيسر منها
4.        العلم بالنحو والصرف
5.        العلم بفقه اللغة
6.        معرفة البلاغة، والوقوف على أسرار البيان العربي
7.        معرفة الاملاء، ومراعاة علامات الترقيم
8.        الاطلاع على الكتب التي تعنى بصناعة الكتابة:  ذكر بعض الكتب المؤلفة فيه
9.        الوقوف على أمثال العرب
10.      معرفة أيام العرب والوقائع
11.      الحرص على الأخذ من كل فن بطرف
12.      الاطلاع على كتابات أرباب البيان
13.      سلامة الذوق، ومراعاة مقتضيات الأحوال
14.      نبل الهدف وسلامة القصد
15.      مراعاة حال الخصوم وأتباعهم
16.      لزوم الاعتدال
17.      توظيف الثقافة والمعارف لخدمة الموضوع
18.      العلم بموطن الشاهد، وإيراد النقول في مواطنها المناسبة
19.      الاهتمام بحسن الافتتاح، وجودة المطلع
20.      العتاية بحسن الختام
21.      اختيار الورق الجيد، والقلم المناسب
22.      العلم بما يكتب
23.      مراعاة أغراض الكتابة والتأليف
24.      الحذر من الاستسلام للتثبيط
25.      مراعاة أدب النفس
26.      تخمير الكتابة
27.      التثبت في النقل، والتروي في ابداء الرأي
28.      الحذر من املاءات الأحوال الخاصة، والظروف العامة
29.      العناية بوضع التاريخ
30.      عرض الكتابة على الآخرين
31.      معرفة قدر النفس، وانشراح الصدر

و السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته.