Saturday, November 27, 2010


He fights to stay awake, his bones are so tired
For endless days and months, in this much he’s been mired

All he did was do what his president asked
With saving a country, these men were all tasked

All she did on that morning was run out of bread
So she sent her daughter with a kiss on her head

Down to the corner with a dollar and change
Never, no never, to see her again

The child cries in hunger, the animals suffer
From murder and violence there is no buffer

“I’ll shoot him,” the brother says, holding a gun
“After all, he’ll come back, and the game will be won.”

In silence the girl weeps, will nobody care?
No one asks about school, and no one is aware

Until the school calls to say she never showed
Mom forever wonders where blades were stowed

Out on the playground or here in the street
Whether strangers to us or someone we meet

We don’t know what private hell they go through
And we shouldn’t judge what they say or they do

For no matter how hard the world chooses to be
Humans were created to live and be free

We fight and we struggle, we claw and we scratch
And eventually win; the world is no match

Determination, that’s what we’re made of
We have such strong will, and are so full of love

Just reach out a hand or offer an ear
Or hold someone close when they need you near

The wars will go on; the depression, it’s true
But it takes just one man to change it, and you?

Will you be the one to just say, “I care”?
Or will you walk on by like they’re not even there?

"Struggle" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2010


  1. Great piece, I like the eagerness for a change behind it X)

  2. very raw and true, i like the question at the end. I wish more people would ask this question

  3. For my is "LIVE" the life is fight, love and suffer... is part of the life... the ask is How? Always the better way!

    I'll fight for all like a warrior, never fight with stupid causes... fight for my ideal... Always i love but when "something i don't like" NEVER I HATE! and when i suffer the i'll be more strong and smart...I grow too and always i try "NEVER" give suffering to something or someone but "sometimes" when you protect to other... you're a leader and be alpha... "Often" is right "often" when you care the better to someone "the suffering" is part of the life and is better with the time... is the life.
    Great vision and yes, always your topics are GREAT... but socked?, not yet! and is better too :)

    All the best my friend!

    Happy Ramadan!