Tuesday, November 23, 2010

~The Lone Wolf~

A dark figure appears, the street lamp burns bright
Shadowing silently into the night
This man so aloof, travels here on his own
He faces each moment, each day, all alone
He knows what he knows and keeps it in mind
Moving with purpose, his eyes are kind
He walks past the woman waiting for her love
And wonders when he'll get his own from above
Restless and wandering, thinking of life
Wondering at the continual strife
He looks much younger than his thirty years
And nobody knows of his darkest fears
Pulling a book from his overcoat pocket,
He finds nestled there his mother's old locket
Stopping, he opens it only to find
Similar eyes staring back, the left side is signed
He shoves it away, along with emotions
And continues along with quick, jerking motions
He'll sit with his book once again and just learn
While beneath his skin the fire will burn
His wall is adorned with yellows and greens
Artwork, but nobody knows what it means
Only he, in his mind, as he thinks far too much
Of everything he's done, and should do and such
The silence a deafening roar in his ears
He looks at the table; he's knocked back two beers
The cat that he rescued from out in the cold
Jumps up on his lap with a collar of gold
The man smiles and pets him, then leans back his head
Once again on this night alone to bed
But that is the way of the Gemini man
He's living his life just the best that he can
"The Lone Wolf" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed  2010 

1 comment:

  1. Is brillant... You was this poem and over you are...

    In understand all, each word and each feeling... Your description is sublime because "really" i feel all in first person just me. I can see the abstract art maybe with other view, but is like feel the oil in my hands... Last night i read "Perfection" because i liked the title and is my fight all the time with me, with the time... sure, the poem was very different but great!
    ... I know you and me maybe, like a sings, very opposite, our lives very differents but is like the other side. opposite and equal!

    i haven't got enemies only just one:ME!!!

    Have a Great day!

    ps. What happend with the arabic people... all has got a mania "Cats" hahaha... really!? is fashion, tradition... haha!!! I love cats too... but not all hahaha!!! my favorite is Bengal, really is a dream... here, i don't like too much the pedigree.

    well... always here! (i'm r fan!)