Wednesday, November 10, 2010


If you were asked to copy one of two people who created cars; One who knows all the details about the cars, has all the tools and equipments to build cars perfectly, he is the best designer of cars, his art is incomparable and in addition that worth attention, is that there is no flow in his cars. While the other car-inventor is a drunk who doesn't know the difference between a car and a bicycle, he doesn't have experience nor he has a taste of beauty, who are you going to copy? All sane people would copy the first.

If that’s the case for cars then why we are copying the teachings and ways of humans who may be worse than us and ignoring the teachings of Almighty Allah, the one once He intends a thing, His Command is, "BE", and it is! We are copying every icon or celebrity ignoring what they believe or what they are reflecting.

The reason we are copying is because we are inspired and we want to have the attention followed by appreciation so we can be inspiring figures ourselves. Another reason is that we copy because we may believe we are good at the things we copy the others. However, the teachings and actions of others maybe suitable for some and not appropriate for others so once we realize we can’t copy them, we end up either feeling frustrated or admiring those people for being unique. We may believe by copying a unique person we will be considered unique by others as well.

We pretend to be someone else ignoring the fact that we might be better and have qualities they don't have. When we copy others we are like wearing other people shoes, sometimes they match our size and sometime they don't.

We were born humans but we are dying to live like parrots. Even the animal doesn’t eat anything on the ground while we humans are copying whatever the media or the environment throwing at us. Let’s face it; we are having trouble being ourselves.

A cure for this disease is that we accept ourselves and respect the fact that we are unique human beings, we have our own characteristics.  If we just have a real faith that Allah is the God of people whom we admire their uniqueness we would have self confidence.  The problem is we usually compare ourselves to others, we see someone having unique skills or items so we try to be same ignoring the fact that our fingers differ in its size. I am not saying we shouldn't follow some of their footsteps, I am saying we should not blindly follow them without analyzing. There is a big difference between learning from others and copying them.

I am not going to tell you "Be Yourself" since all of us wish if he or she could be someone else because we believe we are not perfect and we think perfection exists everywhere but never in us. It's true we are not perfect but let me assure you there is no living human "NOW" who is perfect. It might be hard to accept at first but since we all share the same inferiority to perfection it eases our soul, like the old man abandoned by his sons; he feels better surrounded by other deserted parents.

We shouldn't lose hope; God never ordered us to be someone beyond our limits, he wants us to be perfect for our level which differs from one to another. We usually compare ourselves to others, we see someone having unique skills that we don't have; we give birth to a sick believe that "We are lacking something" so when we are copying those non-perfect beings we are actually limiting ourselves. One of the reasons why God sent us messengers is to be role-models for human beings, they are the best models for humans and if one follow their footsteps and copy Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) he/she will reach the perfect level.

Honestly, is there any greater inspiration than Allah's words and teaching? Prophet Mohammed & other great Prophets are not only inspiration to us but also if any normal person just copies them, he or she ends up inspiring others or maybe recording his own name in history; unlike many other figures today we consider inspiration while they are not. We imitate them to finally end up being doomed. They might be considered unique in our eyes but where is that from being considered unique in the sight of Allah. Allah is the wisest and he knows who to send as perfect model, a suitable model for us humans to follow.

Even for those who are dying to be popular, they can't find a better way but to follow Allah's orders and his prophets. If you think those celebrities we are copying today are popular I swear till this very day I don't know who is Tom Cruise or Lady Gaga or Michael Jordan I only hear their names but I don't know them, but if you ask me about God I immediately know he is the one who created all. Don't you see if you ask the Western or the Eastern all of them know what God means and they all know everything God orders is perfect. Someone like that isn't worth to be obeyed!?

At least once we decided to copy we should first analyze what we are copying, is it matching with God’s teaching; if yes, we accept and if not, we ignore it. Then again even if we accept what we are copying it doesn't mean we should immediately copy. The next step is to compare what we accepted to what we already have, is it as good as we have or worse? Most likely it will be the second because everything we "Need" to copy is taught to us by our God and his Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him).

When we are copying Allah’s teaching we are like birds flying freely singing with lovely voices while when we are copying teachings of others we are like a talkative parrot that is locked up in a cage.

Quran teachings we must take for anything besides it is nothing more than a fake. When we believe in Allah wholeheartedly when we have the desire to obey him truthfully, when we are copying Prophet Mohammed completely, serving others generously, we will get the attention and appreciation gratefully; its then when we live joyfully.


  1. I'm not muslim but I fully agree with you. Thnx a lot for sharing your thoughts with us.

  2. It's a surprise to get a comment from non-muslim in my blog ^_^ thanks 4 ur comment and see u around Nahema

  3. I'm not Muslim either:-)And it's a nice post!

  4. I am not Muslim either LoL. But I find such valuable the lessons that you write in this post.

    And I totally agree what you say "We were born humans but we are dying to live like parrots".

    This happens in every latitude of the planet, in any religion culture.

  5. Thank you Selenity & Paola for your comments

    I am glad you loved the post ^_^