Saturday, February 26, 2011


The morn wakes up with the sun... Life prevails over death when the Angels come... It's sweeter than the honey comb... The wings heal the wind and calm the ocean... Sleep no more... Arise... Feel the new air, a popular advice from those who are wise... It's the knowledge and the power... Beyond any limit, higher than towers... It's your rush hour... Just take a bathe in this divine shower... Blessings and the healings, The soother gets the feeling... Pain and envy gone...Come here at this time... Witness blessings of God...

Friday, February 25, 2011

~Another You~

Deep inside you breathes another you
With a voice you get to hear through

Whenever you are in a difficult situation
Or finding it hard to make the right decision

Another you who can think and speak
Like an angel, so gentle and meek

This another you whom is from above
Knows better and is made from love

It is but wise to listen to the other you
For this is what God wants you to do

He created your soul to be your guide
To the right path you are destined to find

"Another You" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

~End Of My Rope~

I am finally at the end of my rope
There is not much more I can take
Higher I climb the further I fall
When will I ever get a break?

I hear that criminals get paroled
Wild animal released to the wild
For me this is getting to same old
I can't remember when I smiled

So I appeal once again to you
I need to be held this last time
Make me see everything is new
Because my life is almost through

I have only one more thing to lose
Without it, I will surely disappear
I have never been this blue 
As I lose all I ever held dear

"End Of My Rope" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Some are legends some are mere stories that are all around...
All twisted and curved like a round...

They are all fed in minds of people with strong hold...
And make some places appear so cold...

The truth in the end finally triumphs over all...
Rather than being artificial like a mere plastic doll...

Truth is so strong that it conquers everything...
Rather than leading to weird something...

People’s mind has to be fed with this truth in their mind...
Because myths are always one of a kind...

But truth is the thing that lasts in the end...
Giving everything that final bend...

"Myths" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~Glad to be a Man~

A Man is not the things he poses or the places he visits. Not the killing or the weddings what makes the man a Man, not the many photos in magazines or the 1000$ jeans he wears . He is not the one who causes terror or horror nor the one who applies make up in front of the mirror. Not the beautiful face or the warm embrace, not the thought of mind for it can be blind. I must say that what makes a man. A man has a soul... It’s the thing that sums the total of his being. I know man by his soul, measure him by his word. I know man by what in this life he takes and the decisions he makes. We don’t have a power to decide how a man begins or end but how he decides to live and gladly give. Years alone doesn’t bring wisdom nor a shower adds a drop of rain. I know man and if I am a man of the men I know I am glad I am Man.

Monday, February 21, 2011

~Just Wondering~

Great fellows you once were
While all goings were good
With your master tangled you, fervent
All interactions very rosy
Those good old days
Distractions from distant districts appeared
and your master's orders your appealed
Great stains, this disobedience
and many insults, swiftly added
All in line to fight your master
Life proves not rosy, after these
The experiences; so bitter
Great repentance; on my heart knocks
Just wondering... If the master will ask me back...
"Just Wondering" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2008

Sunday, February 20, 2011

~Angel Like~

Love knows no hurt
You'd have scampered long ago
Free stance your ego
And subtle mien your heart
Your doings are quite grand
Or how do I explain your candor;
Like a river in autumn
You flow through my rocky heart
Giving joy even when I hesitate; Your patience and kindness
So undaunted!
I'd say it to high Heavens: that you are no ordinary human
But an Angel-Like sent by God, To nurture these uncaring generations
Huge beneficiary; my soul is: Of your sweet scents and veins; this I know.
"Angel Like" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2008

Saturday, February 19, 2011


She is wishing, wishing for a little more
She is praying, praying hard to believe
For something, something other than reality
Expecting to be her, in the mean time, for sure
It's me...that's what she is trying for
But all I left her is with grief
In her heart, fake dimples on her cheek
Her eyelashes with tears... Her lips numb
It's two o'clock at night, she feeling dumped
She still by the window side
Waiting for a shooting star
I can clearly hear her call
But all I am doing is breaking - her - heart!
She knows very well, but her love so divine
She got faith in him, her body quivers, but she smiles
Even angels-like bow before her artistic style
Such a scene...rainbow less beautiful while!
It should been felt like a death
But she's replacing it with the roses bed
She's sowing the seed in the concrete
All I did was wrong..I m sorry to you chick....
It's like hurting my own small heart
But I am chained...
Please Oh lord! Forgive this inhumane...
"Inhumane" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2011