Tuesday, February 22, 2011

~Glad to be a Man~

A Man is not the things he poses or the places he visits. Not the killing or the weddings what makes the man a Man, not the many photos in magazines or the 1000$ jeans he wears . He is not the one who causes terror or horror nor the one who applies make up in front of the mirror. Not the beautiful face or the warm embrace, not the thought of mind for it can be blind. I must say that what makes a man. A man has a soul... It’s the thing that sums the total of his being. I know man by his soul, measure him by his word. I know man by what in this life he takes and the decisions he makes. We don’t have a power to decide how a man begins or end but how he decides to live and gladly give. Years alone doesn’t bring wisdom nor a shower adds a drop of rain. I know man and if I am a man of the men I know I am glad I am Man.


  1. Yes, you are... only i know your words... nothing more about you. I can said you are a man with pride and honor!


  2. I really don't know who you are, but I am so grateful for your kind words, highly appreciate it