Saturday, February 19, 2011


She is wishing, wishing for a little more
She is praying, praying hard to believe
For something, something other than reality
Expecting to be her, in the mean time, for sure
It's me...that's what she is trying for
But all I left her is with grief
In her heart, fake dimples on her cheek
Her eyelashes with tears... Her lips numb
It's two o'clock at night, she feeling dumped
She still by the window side
Waiting for a shooting star
I can clearly hear her call
But all I am doing is breaking - her - heart!
She knows very well, but her love so divine
She got faith in him, her body quivers, but she smiles
Even angels-like bow before her artistic style
Such a scene...rainbow less beautiful while!
It should been felt like a death
But she's replacing it with the roses bed
She's sowing the seed in the concrete
All I did was wrong..I m sorry to you chick....
It's like hurting my own small heart
But I am chained...
Please Oh lord! Forgive this inhumane...
"Inhumane" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2011

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