Wednesday, November 24, 2010

~Last Days Of The Dark One~

A little girl found a book called "The Sealed Fate". When she found it a black winged figure appeared in front of her. The 5 years old girl asked who are you!? And she hears the reply: "Angel of Death, I am here to take The Dark One's soul, for some reasons the soul wondered here again as soon as you came. She realized he was the author of the book. Then she asked how the last days of that man were known as the Dark One. The Angel of Death turned away giving his back to the little girl, he then starts:

A life where his eyes are always filled with tears, he kept praying: "Allah please have a mercy on me, why I cannot resist her? Why she keeps coming in my life" prayers run fallen, slipped from his lips, Tears roll down on his cheek. Though dead he lived, he cannot part from love that lives within his heart. Everyday of his life he walks around, walking through the gardens staring at the stars and ground. His heart is constantly struck with pain...

He doesn't have a friend he is all by himself; he goes home at night and takes his book off the shelf. He writes down what happened and what went down on his entire life. Anyone who reads his book can tell the days he cried because the drops don't go away. If you look on every page you can see little red stains, you see where the ink ran because the blood that flooded out of his eyes... In his little book he writes what's on his mind and no one really knows all the pain that is behind. Behind every story, every single poem he wrote, behind his pretty smile, behind his suicide notes. No one really knew and no one really cared, even I don't think anyone’s life could really be compared...

The Angel of Death stopped speaking. The girl walked towards the Angel of Death saying: "Mr. Winged man, why did you stop?" as her hands are shivering for unknown reasons to herself. The Black Winged Angel continues:

That’s because no one cared, because he had no friends. His inside they never did see. He wrote his last story about his life that he would soon end. He lost all reason he once had to live... He wrote it in the book on the very back cover because the pages had been filled for what people would soon discover. They would finally get to read all the story's that he wrote about the things he went through, they would read every single note. His last entry was dated November 16th 2007 It was titled "Death". By the time someone found him he was soaking in his blood. The book was there beside him also soaking in the flood. For many years after the book was never read until you found it. And now I will keep it with you and do whatever you want.

The Angel of Death took the soul of the Dark One and disappeared. Meanwhile, the girl started reading the book. After finishing reading she killed herself, because she couldn't bare the guilt because she never realized all this time that there was someone who could love her Mother that much. The Angel of Death appeared asking: "Why you killed yourself" and the little girl answered innocently: "I know I cannot love mom and dad as much as this man loved my mom. I cannot allow myself to live when there is a man with that much love leaving for the other world alone, Mr. Dark One your love will always be eternal…"

"Last Days" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2007

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