Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Allah's Names & Attributes

Having faith in God is important and having faith in his attributes is important.” This is a quote I keep repeating every now and then. Some may ask having faith in God is all we need, it’s true that having faith in God is the base and the main thing but it’s not enough, we cannot worship something we don’t know anything but only a name. It’s true that Allah’s name is in our hearts and we understand well what “Allah” means but then again we have people with corrupted hearts who can’t recognize God by only Allah.

Imagine your life without believing in Allah’s attributes and names, imagine that no one told you Allah is “The All Almighty, The All Merciful, The Pure One, The Source Of Peace, The Compeller, The Absolute Ruler, The Creator, The Maker Of Order, The Shaper of Beauty, The Giver of All, The Sustainer, The Loving One, The Truth, The All Powerful, The Glorious, The Owner of All, The Knower of All, The Hearer of All, The All-Aware, The Magnificent…etc” The one who knows what’s in our hearts and secrets. The one who created his creations out of nothing, the one who raises the dead. The one who cure all diseases. Imaging your life without knowing these names and attributes.

What’s the use if you believe in God without believing and having faith in his names and attributes? Will it stop you from committing sins? Isn’t fear of Allah and that he knows everything that makes us scared to have evil intents in our hearts? Isn’t it fear of the fact that he can see everything to the extent he can see the ant in the night under the rocks that we don’t commit sins in the dark? Isn’t it our awareness of Allah’s hearing everything that makes us stop gossiping?

Imagine you are sick and the doctors told you, you have no chance of living, who you will pray to you if don’t believe that Allah is the one who cure all disease? It’s because we believe Allah cure all disease we have faith and ask Allah to cure us. Imagine you are facing a moment of certain death, drowning, facing a monster, isn’t it our believe in Allah answering those praying to him asking for help that drives us to pray heart fully so we can be saved from our doom.

If someone stole our rights, started killing our family and took us to jail for no crimes we committed, it’s our faith that Allah is All Just what gives us a peace of mind when such events occurs. We are sure that one day Allah will give us our rights and give what the other side deserves. However if you don’t believe that Allah is all just this might drives you to take your revenge yourself, to kill that person.

How many times you came across someone was shy to say that I am son of a tailor or carpenter! How many times you came across someone hiding his identity and not telling them the fact that he or she is not an Arab? How many times you came across Non-bedwins talking and wearing like bedwins? How many times you saw poor buying 500,000+ X6 or Mercedes G series or whatever? How many times you’ve come across a brother denying that his fat brother is actually his brother or ashamed of his family name? You see all this because all these people they don’t really have full faith in Allah’s name el 3azeez (Almighty, Victorious, All-Sufficient). They believe that if they are Arabs they have the pride, if they have a 500,000+ car they have the pride, if they are rolling guns and having long hair is the pride but that’s not even close in fact that’s too low and cheap.

True pride comes when you are servant to the almighty, if you [Really] have faith in Allah’s name “Al-3zeez” and the fact you are his servant, even if you were short fat ugly looking human you at least have the pride, you can easily walk confidentially in front of the people I mentioned telling them you guys are servants and looking pride from some who can’t give you pride, but I am someone having pride by just considering myself the servant of Pride itself. If you believe that Allah is the one having all Pride, the self-sufficient then that gives you enough pride that you are his servant. Can you even imagine the comparison between a low creatures like humans to their Almighty Creator El3azeez, in fact if you saw this comparison is possible please look for any psychological doctor because you are then officially [Insane].

If we really believe in Allah’s attributes and act based on these attributes we will live the best life we can live, we can be the strongest and nothing can hurt us or make us sad. The wise in my opinion is the one who believes in Allah’s names and attributes along with its results in our universe. The more you know about Allah’s names and attributes the wiser, the greater, the stronger you are….

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  1. Very well written Abdul-Aziz ma sha Allah,
     الله يتقبّل منك
    I also think that if we get the meaning of GOD's attributes like the mercy, the wise, the generous, it would make us love him more and demand to be close to him by obeying his commands and feeling ashamed of our sins therefore will stop us from committing them over and over.
    Thank you for sharing this, hope to see more from you :-)