Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blah Blah Blah

Often people comment that my hair is turning white or ask why? My short answer to this question is because I am getting older or not sleeping well to satisfy them (Admit it, most people don’t want to hear they just want to talk, they never care in the first place but caring people consider them as loving and caring) but sometimes I am too bored and lazy I try to attract the curiosity of the one asking so later on he/she can think. If you want to know why my hair is getting white I assure you, you will be freaked out but if you are willing not to misjudge stop reading!

I said stop reading but I see you are continuing to read, which means I have already succeeded in driving your curiosity. Anyway, what happens when we think is that our brain cells communicate with each other through an electrochemical process. Every time I think, learn or communicate a brain cell in my brain sends an impulse down its axon (The Long nerve fiber that conducts away from the cell body of the neuron). What I know in science is that the axon of one brain cell makes multiple thousands of connections with many thousand other brain cells and names are giving to each process, connection, space, etc you need to read subject-matter books, I don’t want to confuse you and don’t want to waste my time because probably you wont even remember or care.

Think of my brain as threads connecting the universe and the events occurred, occurring or would occur. When I see someone and I wanted to understand or get some secrets available in the universe bank of information about this person, what I usually do is I try to link the threads, when two threads connect a light ball is created (read carefully the previous paragraph), this light helps me to discover facts, events, traits, etc… that was covered by darkness of my own consciousness that never cared to learn from the universe bank of information but it was always available. Back to connection point, when each cell connect to the other, I see images, hear sounds and voices, see events crossing the barrier of space and time and countless calculations are made based on the information I retrieved from the bank of information, this happens faster than the speed of light, defying so many concepts in physics. You may think this processes takes several minutes, The processes to me doesn’t last two seconds so you my friend won’t even notice I was thinking there for a second (Remember overcoming the barrier of space and time).

When I see Self-Mastery Masters, spiritual leaders, Emotional Intelligence’s coaches and listen to them explaining their concepts, claiming this or that, they understand people, read the mind of people, when I see them I can’t help but to accept what they are doing or saying to satisfy their needs of being acknowledged and respected, to avoid going into talks beyond their awareness and to save some of my hair that still didn’t turn to white after all it’s so boring to talk with someone who thinks reached somewhere no one else reached (But for those who overcome such self-desires I am ready to talk all night). What I am writing here sounds to so many of you like I am being arrogant or seeing myself in a position higher than others, well I can’t help you and too lazy to find excuses so it’s really ok if you want to see me that way.

What I am describing is similar to a popular disease but that would be for those too involved in this matter focusing in one connection > linkage, one light, one event which causes lots of hallucinations, doubts, etc… but thanks God I am still controlling my habits, especially when I am diving into my own mind-world. After all the several thousand connections and images you see instantly is more than enough to let a man holding his head and shout: “Stop”. What I am saying is known to so many people besides me but sadly most of them are seen by others as insane people, complicated, over-confident persons while it’s not true, not fair but understandable in fact most of the wise people in our world were seen by people as insane, sad but true. You can see glimpses of what I am describing in movies or books, series like Sherlock Holmes (The Mind Palace concept) or the Mentalist, show briefly what I am trying to say but a greater exploration required for such concepts and such series or movies aren’t enough and that’s hard to grasp without reading full text-books which are available.. I am sure even some Emiratis around knows what I am talking about.

A Typical question I get specially by Non-Arabs, do you know the unknown? My answer is No I don’t! only God knows the unknown, what I know is what God allowed my mind to know, you see God gave every one of us bodies, mind, etc… some of us are bigger than others, while others are small and weak, black and white, etc… similarly the mind awareness and the information available for us specially differs from one person to another. A person may be given a key to access the year 2014 Bank of Information however he still don’t know how to unlock that door, while beings like the Prophets are given so many keys we are not given. How does what I am saying helping me? if I started to explain how it’s helping me I am afraid YOUR hair will start turning white, so I prefer to stop here! Freaked out?


  1. Lmao! Well answered though its a really wierd question =))

  2. Don't you think it's your responsibility or even your duty to engage in a critical debate with these so called Self-Mastery Masters?
    You are willing to talk to "your equals" all night long, but you aren't ready to sacrifice few minutes of your time to speak to those who are desperately in need of a radical enlightenment. Their lack of acceptance of the "truth" shouldn't be your concern, all we have to do is convey the message, isn't? Did the prophets give up? Did the scientist give up conveying the "truth" to bullheaded ignorant people?
    After all in a diverse society such as the one you are living in, plenty of roads leads to the summit which represents a "universal truth", so maybe the whole dilemma is somehow based upon the fact that you don't recognize those roads.

    Finally, god bless you (and your hairs)
    PS: I'm getting white hairs too :)