Thursday, July 20, 2017


I honestly dont like the act of those who speak foul things in a very superior manner about the great Muslim scholars of the past. If you have something to add or want to correct their judgments and answers, at least you should be aware of what they said and in which context! New thinking requires awareness of the old thinking! Unfortunately, today we have people who didnt read even 2 books of their victims yet they claim he was ignorant and were just like sheep! Even though his victim read no less than 2000 books and wrote at least 50 books!!! But he who didnt even read 10 books claim he freed himself from the chains of being a blind follower. Let me tell you this, your acts prove that you are no follower of those blind sheep you make fun off but a blind follower of ignorants who lived thousands of years before, for your act is nothing more but a repetition of ignorants acts clearly articulated in Scriptures and books of wise men.

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