Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dying Hearts...

This morning I realized that we are really cold-hearted people. Upon the news of the death of Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammad AlQassimi may Allah bless his soul, the first thing I heard from my colleagues was: "Is there a day off?" The 7 working hours were wasted on discussions of "whether we should be given 1 day or 2 days off!" while others shouted: "At least for a respect of one of the great leaders in UAE we should at least have 3 days off!!!"

I myself one of the cold-hearted people just ignored instead of saying anything to them I cowardly begun talking to myself "If the UAE leaders are not respecting such a great leader of one of the seven Emirates, I kept asking myself burning inside to tell them: "Are you really respecting "Almighty Allah!". Shouldn't we be prepared for "Death”. A Muslim brother like us died yet instead of having empathy we are filled with happiness that we may get the chance to have one day or two days off.

To this extent we are so cold-hearted not caring about the family of the man died, imagine if that person was your father and you see people around you feeling happy and asking about vacations, what will be your feeling?

I am not sure how others were raised but according to Islam's teaching, putting the needs of others into consideration, loving for them what we love for ourselves and acting to provide them happiness has tremendous impact on one’s self and for the society. However after today's incident, I realized we are leaning more to selfishness, lack of emotion, pity, love and sorrow.

We are smiling and happy when we should really feel like crying we are acting as everything is okay when slowly our heart falling apart inside and our feelings starting to fade into that color of the sky at night. I am not an exception, I might be worse than those people, for I took the advantage of this even to write these lines to drive your attention after all? However I would still achieved my goal if it leads you to think about yourself.

We always keep repeating that what makes humans is their hearts not their looks, what's inside not what outside, all of us would do everything to extinguish a fire burning his or her room, car, or even some pieces of paper or maybe even a sketch while evilness and cruelty is burning our hearts yet we are not doing anything to extinguish that fire.

All I can say that with such hearts we shouldn't hope for a better future, if we Muslims are acting this way! We are supposed to be the kindest nation in this world, yet to this extent we are falling can you imagine about the wild beings inside our world. Well, my friends, the future doesn't belong to the faint-hearted and death of Sheikh is not greater loss than what dies in the hearts of thousands of Muslims, this loss is really one of the greatest losses if you ask me.

Our behaviors proves our priorities in life, we are longing for happiness and rest from work one or two days and the sacrifice we are gladly offering is the death of great men so we may enjoy 7 hours sleeping or actually doing things mostly not of important value.  What we are actually doing reminds me of the legend of the dragon who asks for a virgin sacrifice so he can spare the village one day, for one day they are ready to sacrifice one of their sisters or daughters.

Finally I want to remind all of people who immediately asked about days off, those men dying were once a Son… A Brother… A husband… A father… A Grandfather… A Teacher… A Leader… and greatest of all, he was once a SERVANT OF ALLAH, the Almighty creator of heavens and earth. I want you to ask yourself, is it worth it that we trade few hours of rest and sleep with a man who played so many roles in life?

"Our Lord! We have wronged our own souls: If thou forgive us not and bestow not upon us Thy Mercy, we shall certainly be lost."


  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. My heart ached when I heard the news. Its sad

  2. your Words impressive but Unfortunately, this is the really situation In the world ,,and As what you have said that the real loss is the loss of our hearts ...
    No longer that "" the believers are brothers the mercy Between them, such as the body
    If one part complained , the rest of the body Participate