Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~Bent But Not Broken~

Here today gone tomorrow, things do change in an instant
Life here is full of surprises, change remains the only constant.

As the rising sun sets at the end of the day, so does dark night pass by
One may be young, powerful and mighty, one who’s born must die.

Shed your tears for your dear departed, cry out if the heart does grieve
But never let the tears and your grief stop you from the will to live.

Why me?”  you ask and want to protest when you feel down and shaken
Just see unfortunate ones around you whom life has bent but not broken.

"Bent But Not Broken" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2011


  1. Nice poem, and very inspiring.

  2. Thanks Ayesha for your comment am glad you find it inspiring

  3. Very true, but often when we are being tested, it's very difficult to see beyond your own grief and realise that others may be worse off. I always comfort myself with the thought that Allah will never face you with something He knows you can't bear! (And in times of grief/troubles I really pity those who don't believe in God, coz they can't turn to anyone for comfort or help!)

  4. I love your simple words but with big impact!
    ... The life is hard, sweet and beauty. Always i'll try live like the last day, because really i don't know who is my last day? and is ok and better... Every day i said: Bismillah when i open my eyes every morning because is a blessing. When i'll close my eyes forever... i'll show my best smile... because i'll know the paradise and many good people... Sure, i wish know you in live...This year imposible but maybe the next :)


  5. Beautiful soul touching words..