Monday, June 27, 2011

~Life Problems~

There are countless life problems or issues occurring everyday in the life of humans. These problems vary from physical to physiological problems.  For example, not having enough money, engaged in the wrong relationship, not finding the suitable partner or maybe not knowing what’s missing; mostly, they fall under not being content with our current life. Most of us hate such issues and problems, however, in our day to day lives; those problems actually are demanding attention and they are trying to say: “Please have a look, there is something wrong, help me, do something about it?” These issues are like warning messages which are trying to say that there is something wrong in what we are doing. They say what goes around comes around; which is true, honestly our attitude toward these life’s issues determines somehow these issues’ attitude toward us.

Those day-to-day-life-problems will not go away until they are solved.  It is like when you are starving or thirsty, the feeling will not go away until you drink water or eat food.  The similar goes for life problems, they will be there if you don’t take what shuts down or at least decrease such feelings. However some issues that are considered a total mess, requires lots of thoughts and efforts but in the end they can be solved. Luckily our day-to-day life issues can simply be solved by giving them some attention. For example, if you are in a car and you didn’t wear the seat belt; the car will release sounds of warning so that you wear the belt, it doesn’t need much effort to turn off the sound, all you have to do is to wear the belt and the warning sound will stop; the same thing goes for such problems, only few thoughts and the problems will go away. However, imagine yourself in a car and you refused to fasten your seat belt, what happens is that the alarm will start, for the first minute you might feel like you can ignore it but as the time passes and the alarm sounds is repeated; you will find it annoying, overwhelming and it might drive you insane. Similarly, if those simple life issues are not given the attention they need, they can be annoying and might grow to a bigger life issue causing us much more pain and suffering.

It’s important to know that these kinds of simple problems have many possible solutions; it’s not a must that there is [one] real clear solution. If someone is having a problem of always thinking negative thoughts; a solution might be talking to a friend, for another person this could be an even bigger problem than the original problem which is negative thought maybe because their friends are poor in listening. Another possible solution for this problem might be reading, but I know some who get furious by just holding a book, a third possible solution might be take a walk, shower, mediate, pray…etc  every person should know which solution is the most suitable for him/her. You can benefit from problem solving books but don’t consider they were written to solve specifically your issue.

Let me take you back to the car and the seat belt, the alarm sound can be turned off in many ways, one by fastening the seat belt, another is switching off the sound via a button or option in the car, or go to a car’s garage and ask them to remove the whole system from your car. As you can see there are different solutions, however some solutions are easy while the last is time consuming. Suppose two solutions require same effort, we should then look at the outcomes, switching off the alarm by button is a solution but it’s consequence in case if accident occurred might be fatal. While using the solution of wearing the seat belt it’s easy, effective and safe. If you are facing problems don’t try to solve it with any given way you read on net or a book, examine the given solution and after you found it the most suitable for you, the most effective try to use it. Be aware of the existence of the issue then try to approach that issue with clarity and try to understand it. Once you understood the issues then try to plan strategy and execute the strategy that you have selected then evaluate your results. From my personal experience, I can tell you that things usually turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out.

Most people don’t solve their problems not because they can’t, but because they are not even trying to solve them. If by any chance you are in a situation you feel like you can't do anything about as most great advisers says: “Stop thinking about what you can’t do and start thinking about what you can do”. Imagine you entered your bedroom, your stuff are thrown around the bed room and not allocated in one place, you will hardly find a place to sleep, what we usually do when we want to have at least comfortable sleep is to at least remove the big stuffs so we can create space to sleep, even if we sleep while surrounded by clothes, shoes…etc at least we have created space to at least rest so the next day we can pack the others stuff. The same thing happens in our life and mind, we may have many different issues what we have to do is to find a place in our mind and life, to create space where we can actually see the problems we are having, yet we are having enough space where we can rest and think on how to solve the problems. However, resting alone wouldn’t remove your problems like sleeping wouldn’t pack your stuff. 

The moment you created a space and got little bit rest, I advise you to take your next and pack your problems in one place, then select one after the other and solve them but don’t try to solve all of your problems at once. Well anyway, there are some people who don’t mind sleeping on garbage or on their clothes and shoes; they are lazy to do anything about it so they got used to it like a pig snoozing in the mud, if you ask me this is considered one of the hardest punishment a human may receive.

I believe when we are going to welcome our life problems as teachers, warning messages…etc every life problem brings good news even the ones that are painful. It’s important to realize that our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life or the possessions of materials but having the right perspective about life, we look for happiness in many places, but where is the actual happiness? I think happiness resides in the human heart but we need to discover it and fuel it with conditions, actions that works like the key to open a treasure box filled with gold and once we open the box, treasures’ light shine brightly. I also would like to let you know that not everything that seems as problems or issues are actually your issues. For your issues and problems are those that can be solved by you as a human being. 

If you came across a problem where it requires beyond human’s abilities and powers it’s not your problem so don’t be sad for they are trials and lesson, don’t fail to learn from opportunity. In such cases and actually all cases always ask the aid of the one having abilities and powers above all humans. It’s true a door is closed in front of you to solve the problem with your abilities; however, a door is opened for you to ask for help to solve the problem that’s beyond your abilities. When you come across such trials don’t say it’s not fair for true great human characters cannot be developed in ease and quiet life, if we are living an easy life like animals, the amount we use of what differs us from animals (Thinking) is little bit so the difference is not much, it’s because of experiencing suffering and trial it’s where we actually desire to find solutions, for seeking pleasure and pushing suffering is nature of humans. Be thankful, for these trials are making you more human and finally remember the greater the problem or suffering is there the more pleasure we get by in overcoming it…


  1. I do love these motivational posts. So inspiring! I found myself nodding along to every statement in agreement.
    Human beings in general are always so focused on what we dont have, rather than wanting what we do have and being thankful for it.
    Thanks for the reminder. Its a great read

  2. Thanks alot Shahoodeh for your comment, am glad you are still reading my blog :D it always a pleasure reading your comments.

    I agree with what you said, if we just be grateful for what we have I am 100% we will live a more peaceful life :)

  3. I loved this post. Very positive and motivating. I needed to read it. Thanks

  4. It's when I read such comments I get motivated to write more, just knowing some are benefiting from what I writes gives me great motivation

  5. I need sleep more... i can't read this post but i'll back and i'll comment... but i comment now for the pic: i grew with this cube... aww, amazing '80... I love it! many good memories... ET, Alf, the cube, The Smurfs uff... and many more :p well, you are more young than me... and sure the '90 was great too :D

    I'll back and will be millons ...
    (My translate... mmm, i dont trust to much in me)


    the original quote: "Volveré y seré millones" (google serch)

    is easy: (?) but you will win: Nothing! hahaha!!! ( i've got sleep and joke!)

  6. I look at life's problems as challenges to my value systems. So the first thing I determine is if this problem is truly mine to resolve. So I apply the Serenity Prayer: "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    The courage to change the things I can,
    And the wisdom to know the difference." Next, I set the goal to change what is in my power to change, and accept that change is learning. Learning is always good, even when we have to struggle to learn. And I accept that I am human and not perfect. I can do my best, but my best may not be perfect. However, each person I encounter during my efforts is yet another gem in my treasured memories of life. Those gems are my most prized possession that will endure all my life.

  7. I've got many problems with and without solution. Always I've got everything I need, I've got too much lucky because with my positive attitude everything it's possible. I've got also just a sun with an mental illness without cure but I've got lucky because he is better and I've got the money for all his testament with the best doctors by nobody only God know my suffer, my courage every day of my life and because really I know how cruel is every illness I help to everyone when I can, isn't important the distance or the issue. I'm always ready to everything but when I'll relax my mind after too much suffer, I wish sleep in peace and I can't... I live and every day is a new challenge to myself, but I confess: I'm tired... It's so sad! Sometimes pray is like if I'll take "some power" but the mortal life isn't easy to many people and sure, I'm too much lucky because many people has got more problem without money and courage etc...
    The worst: I don't deserve the paradise by changed my happiness or whatever to my real life. I'm a sinner better than others... I hope the best after my death because really I wish to everyone a happiness life. Happiness isn't a life without problems or suffering is just with more mercy...