Sunday, February 26, 2012

Freedom Of Speech

This is a short post to say few things about the freedom of speech. Lately people are uttering wrong claims, insulting respected icons of our religion, refusing to accept facts and if you asked them why you are doing this? Their reply would be: “I have the freedom of speech, I can say anything, anytime, anywhere” It’s true that you are given a tongue and you can say whatever you like but it doesn’t mean you have the right to do so, there is a big difference between the two.

Some may argue that you are putting limits on his freedom, yes I am doing so because we are given many things but it shouldn’t cross the limits. Now the reasons for why they don’t have the right to speak about everything are many, however I will give you a very simple example. Do I have the right to slap you!? Do I have the right to steal anything from you? I don’t have the right. Now Let me ask you this do I have the right to say “You stole my money, you should be in jail” even though you didn’t steal anything! Do I have the right to say: “You are liar, you are spy…etc” Remember I can say it but I don’t have the right to say it without any evidence backing up my claims. If you slap me I might be in pain for few minutes but the pain will soon go away, however if you claimed that I am liar, I do all sort of bad things, when I am supposed to gain trust of others again!? The thing is its because they are only words and there is no physical damage we think we have the right to say anything while we should be even more careful with our words.

Today we are having many people making fun of Islamic Teachings, many are insulting scholars of Islam and there are countless people who do similar acts. For Muslims, Allah then his Prophet (Peace and blessing be upon him) comes first even before their families, money…etc so when we insult them or Islam you are actually insulting the people. If you think you we don’t have the right to insult you, your parents and family similarly you don’t have the right to insult ours.  If you still think you have the right to say anything then you should be ready to say that others people have the right to kill you, hit you, slap you and insult you. For the tongue is part of us, like the hands, legs. 

There is no difference between attacking you with my hands or my legs or my tongue as long as there is damage for the other side I don’t have the right to do so. So be careful people, don’t be fooled by the media that you can say anything you want. Your words may not hurt you but it could hurt a whole nation, and hurting a whole nation for no reasons is a crime suitable for those who lost their humanity.


  1. Well, if you dont mind me saying but I agree and disagree.

    I agree along the lines when you say that people make fun of Islamic teachings and so forth. We all practice and believe some kind of relgion and I believe in Allah and his messenger. However, that does not give us followers or non-followersto diss other religions because they believe in something else. For example - I have a British freind and she says she has no religion 'undeclared'. Therefore, it does not give me the right to make fun of her for not beliving in something. Yet, I do not have the right to also tell her what religion she should look into.

    The disagreement part of this comment is. Sometimes we do need the freedom of speech because there are so many things happening around us - and we are MUTED! If we say something that could cause harm but intentially you dont mean harm. We get in trouble for it. The media is ONE of the major role in this because they choose to show the viewers a sugar coated side of things when, not everything can be sugar coated.

    I hope you kinda understand what I am trying to point out but, I loved this post. A post I havent managed to write up due to taboo! Well written and you shared a really good point of view.

  2. I can't comment on Islam because i dont know to much... but i know many great and wonderfull words about islam... ( The people not is better 4 any religion... the people are good or bad but not 4 religion. I love all people in the world and deserve my respect)
    ... Freedom of expression?... why fair?!... anything change nothing 4 nothing. Only people without honor sale the principles and values.
    ... i think the key is: Tolerance!

    ...but i cant write to much in this post because i dont understand all... i feel other maybe other post o message...

    But always your post are very interesting... today wow!!!

    Best wishes!

  3. I really respect your blog. One of the blogs which makes sense somehow.

    YES everyone has a “freedom of speech” but putting in mine taking all the ownership of what you said. If there is somehow a penalty out of what you said then STAND UP and say you said it...

    When I say penalty I mean (fel donya wal akhera) yes we can’t do much if ppl do abuse our religion. We can always hope they will stop but things are not always as they seem. They will get what they deserve in a way or another... Just keep on writing

  4. I understand all... i can read with other view...
    I understand each word. And is true, is relative the "freedom of speech" when u can lie or hurt to the neighbor.

    I knowed the "true pain" not with a slap with many words... The power of word for the good or to the evil but is a certainty: Just a word can kill. Thank's to Allah (Peace and blessing be upon him) i'm stronge and i learn for the next time... And nothing is too much bad when u understand the making the worl and with the time u, she, he, I... we become wiser.
    Always suffering... but with other temperament.

    All the best!

    ps. Is funny i like read me old comments... is like before-after in somes cases