Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Living Through Words

Pen falls to paper
Scrawling whispers in its wake
Beginning a new chapter
The force to create

Whispers grow louder
The words evoke sensation
For some, the ultimate power
Lies in language’s creation.

But who, I ask, is the man
Who chooses simply to caption
Amongst those that can
Rise instead into action?

He is the man that
Has shelled the fruit of life
And lives through words empty
Without the force of strife

To judge one by their words
As many do to some,
Is trusting “can” and “will”
Over “it is done”


  1. Left me thinking... i dont know yet!... but is amazing, your words have the power to reflect. you wrote this?!... I feel admiration now!... sorry 4 my english... but i can understand your post!...



  2. Thanks Loli for commenting on my posts regularly, am so glad my words are affecting ppl around me. Its ok i understand your english :) and yes i wrote it

  3. I don't understand what really happend... but FORCE and you give my hand... trust me!


  4. Isn't my best day: my English is so bad yet! But always I felt and i feel admiration of you...
    Later, when I feel better I'll write again every DM by mail.

    Thank you to every old and new post, always I've a new perspective of every one... Your text, sometimes are like a prism: I understand with some point of view, other person with other and many time later, I'll read the same text and I feel something new, a new feeling...

    The best of you are you! ( yourself , your magic spark, you are eternity, yeah... Behind your mortal life your words, your thinking, everything will be eternity and pure as your dream... Like an angel, "freedom of speech"... The unique and real liberty. I'm proud of you!