Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why God Is Perfect?

Several days back I had a discussion with a Christian lady, in our discussion I asked: “Don’t we all agree that God is Perfect?” However she answered: “I am not Sure, I don’t know” I was surprised by the answer, the lady had doubts about God’s perfection, and she raised a question Why God should be Perfect? I promised the lady that I will answer in a blog post so that anyone else having the same doubt may find an answer in this post. I know I am late in answering the question, but better late than a broken promise.

Why God should be Perfect? Well the simple answer is: “Because he is God”, if you ask anyone who believe in the existence of God, the young or the old, man or woman they all agree by nature that God is more merciful than themselves, more wiser, stronger, almighty, holy and of course Perfect. However those who have doubts about this simple concept (God being Perfect) it’s because their nature where shadowed by external influences, books, media, people…etc so this simple answer wouldn’t satisfy them.

To answer the question why God should be perfect. The first thing I would do is to ask you, which God you mean? If you mean Allah, well because you don’t have choice, you either don’t believe in an existence of God like the Atheists or you doubt everything in this creation which is similar to atheism as well. You might be wondering why is that? Well think about it, if God wasn’t perfect that means you can’t trust his words, his promises and you would doubt everything. Your existence might be a mistake, the heavens and earth might be a mistake, your studies, the human beings, the stars, the sea…etc might be mistakes, your prayers might be wasted, someone with so many mistakes possibilities in what he do, why would a human being worship a God like that?

Human being in their nature, when they need help they need help from someone superior to them. I will give you a real life example, imagine you have a battle coming, would you select weak soldiers or you will select your best and strongest soldiers to win this battle? Another example, I had a fight with a man and this man said we would continue our fight tomorrow and I will bring my friends to break your skull. I might be afraid I will need help, I will not ask a weak person to aid me in this fight but I will ask someone strong who can protect me from the group and defeat them. Similarly human beings have different needs and issues, they would worship someone who is perfect, have the supreme control over this universe, wise, merciful…etc they don’t want someone who is not perfect or a God who does mistakes!

If God was not perfect he is not the true God that deserves to be worshiped by every creature in our universe. If God is not perfect, it means he may be a liar or may lack power, wisdom mercy, holiness…etc When you are saying God is not Perfect you are limiting God and comparing him to other creatures, maybe because you thought you are not Perfect similarly God shouldn’t be perfect. If this is how you think about your God I have to tell you, search for God because you didn’t find him yet. If God is not perfect he would look for a Perfect God and if you think about it, this is as stupid as what the Atheists believe (That God doesn’t exists) and it defies every valid logic in our world. This very universe needs a Perfect God otherwise it wouldn’t be as it’s now.

This doubt arises because there are people who says: “Everything we see around us is imperfect how you claim a Perfect God created that, that’s not possible, it’s either he is not Perfect or he doesn’t exists, he can’t be perfect.” Well of course if you asked the same question to those who worship a false Gods they wouldn’t be able to answer you because they don’t even know the beautiful names of the true God.

There is a great misunderstanding when you think that by creating imperfect beings, God is becoming imperfect too. I will give you example, I am a human, I can still make a pencil, however this pencil is not as great as I am however my invention is great because I can use the pencil for many purposes. Similarly God created his creation but of course his creation is not equal to him. If you want everything in this creation be Perfect that means you want everything to be equal to God which is by common sense wrong and invalid by logic, we see countless of imperfect beings around us. However those who worship false Gods can find many imperfections equals to what they worship.

That’s why I am Muslim, that’s why I only worship one God and his name is Allah. Muslims believes in the beautiful names of Allah, as I always say, before answering any question about God learn about his beautiful names, when you learn all your doubts will be cleared. For example maybe because you got sick God is not perfect to you, but to me who believe in his beautiful names like The Wise and Merciful. I know that God did this for a wise reason, I am closer to God, I am appreciating the blessing of health, I felt sorry for the other sick people so I try to help them…etc just because you don’t know why God did this, doesn’t mean he is not Perfect.

For example, let’s assume you have a son who was playing with a knife, you took the knife from his hands, he started crying but do you think you did a wrong thing or you did the right thing? Of course every sane being would say you did the right thing. However, the son due to not knowing the danger of the knife might think you are a bad mother, you made me cry, you took away from me what I was playing with…etc this is how a kid might think. Similarly God do all the right things, but we don’t understand them yet or we can't see the full picture, because we were given a limited knowledge and wisdom, our knowledge can’t comprehend the knowledge of God.

Even the creation of Satan, many people ask if God was perfect why he created Satan, well I can give you if God wills more than 100 wise reasons of the existence of Satan, some of the scholars may be able to give you 1000 reason, but this is not this post wouldn’t be enough. The more wise a person is the more he understands the wisdom behind what’s happening around. If there was 7 billion like AbdulAziz, and all of them thought till the end of time to comprehend the knowledge of God, they would fail. In fact the moment I see someone doubting Allah I immediately thank him, for he showed me the difference between those who have faith in his names and those who don’t, those who trust Allah and those who don’t.

I understand why a Hindu, a Jew, a Christian…etc may think God is not perfect, it’s simply because they didn’t find the Perfect God. In their scriptures, the God(s) they worship are presented while doing imperfect act. For example crying, or getting defeated by human, or regretted for created humans, begotten a son and sacrificed him for other people sins…etc “the New Testament contains little systematic theology: little or no philosophical or rigorous definition of God is given, nor of how God acts in the world" of course when they have such beliefs about God I don’t blame them for thinking God is not Perfect, but I blame them for one thing, I blame them for not searching for the Perfect God when they have already realized their God is not perfect.

Oh Christian, if you are not sure about your God being perfect, then why you are Christian in the first place? Did you follow Christianity blindly!? Or it’s because of the influence of those people around you? Why you believe Jesus is his son? Why you believe there is a judgment day? Why do you believe there is heaven and hell? If you don’t believe God is perfect it means you can’t trust his words, why you trusted all those I mentioned?

Oh Christian, I can’t prove an imperfect God you are worshiping to be Perfect, I can only prove a Perfect God to be Perfect. Can you transform a pen to a cow? Can you turn a cow to human being? You can’t! Similarly I can’t prove the perfectionist of your imperfect God, however I can very easily prove to you that Allah is Perfect. I am offering a short cut, it’s not worthy you search for the Perfect God till the end of your life when there are people who already discovered him. Follow those who discovered the Perfect God and start asking forgiveness for worshiping imperfect God(s).

God in Islam never ever in Quran mentioned something that downgrades him, he never regretted for his actions, he was never defeated, he never cried, he never transformed to human being, he never was ignorant of what will happen in the future, he was not like his creations, God in Islam is the perfect God that I am talking about. If you are satisfied with your imperfect God please don’t compare him with Allah, when you are saying God is not perfect please specify and say My God is not Perfect because the “Real God” Allah was Perfect, is Perfect and will always remain Perfect.

Oh Christian, you have a choice to make but remember every choice you make has an end result, to deny the existence of God, to believe that hundreds of Gods exists, or to accept the existence of One God but believe he is imperfect, or accept the existence of one Supreme God and believe he is Perfect. The first are the Atheists, the second is Polytheism, the third are the people of the Book like the Christians and Jews because in those two religions according to their scriptures God were imaged as non-perfect God, and the last group are the Muslims. Seriously, in the day of judgment who do you think God will be pleased most? Those who denied his existence? Or those who worshiped others besides him? Or those who claimed he is not Perfect? Or those who worshiped him alone and believed he is Perfect? As you have learned, for every complex problem there is an answer that is clear and simple, I will let you answer this…


  1. AbdulAziz, thank you, that to me is one of your best blogs..When we started with this conversation of religion, we came to what defines us.."begotten son." All our talks seem to dance around this one central theme.."AbdulAziz,(here I could actually see him rolling his eyes out of frustration)why can't God have a son"...Reply.."Why would a perfect God have a son, why not a 100 son's..He is perfect.He is not like a human." "Do you believe God is perfect?"..Well, I did until you said God was imperfect if He had a son..And so, I said "I guess God can't be perfect if he has a son." Hence..here we are..
    Thank you AbdulAziz, you who were afraid of offending me...I am blessed to know you.. (The Muslim, that befriended a Christian...)

  2. يزاك الله خير على هالمدونة .

  3. Why God cannot have a son: In order to have a son - God would need to get married as he says that people should do - before having children. Now: would God then marry a human that he has created? If so - he would have had to marry Marium - otherwise Jesus would have been out of wedlock. So Christians try to explain this as she had another husband - Joseph. Why would God let his son be raised by another "imperfect" father if the is such a good father to us? The word "father" in the Bible from Greek meant both creator and father - but it was convenient for Constantin to use the second meaning because polytheist Romans liked the idea of having "physical" Gods such as Mary and Jesus that were tanglible - more than something infinite "out there"

    1. I agree with what you said and I liked your reasoning