Monday, December 30, 2013

God's Mercy

“…but My Mercy Encompasses All Things….”
(Quran 7:156)

Greetings Reader! Here is another post in English, the topic is similar to the topic in my previous post. Human beings tend to ask …which is a normal attribute of any human being. However what’s required is a valid question, a question to learn, not a question to reveal a hatred we may have in our hearts against someone or something. In my debates with Non-Muslims or even Muslims who may have doubts, they tend to question God’s mercy. You can imagine, because they can’t change or even tried to change their reality, in their: “To Blame List”, God usually is the first to blame.

They keep repeating, how God can be merciful when we all know how things is going in our world. They sometimes try to prove God is not merciful by saying: “If I were to say... rape your wife, skin your children alive, and let you live for as long as I can say, God is still merciful?” Dear Reader, why do you think God is getting all the blame? where do you think the issue lies in? Well, you see, you are trying to prove God is merciful or not without having knowledge about God.

God in the book revealed to his prophet said verily those who are talking about God without knowledge they are committing a grave sin.  Why is that? Well suppose I am a Doctor and well known for my great mercy and the help I offer to anyone in need. Imagine I found out a human being is suffering and in great pain because of a disease in his leg that if it wasn’t cut, the disease may run through his whole body killing him. There was no other way but to cut his leg to save his life, then someone like you said you are not merciful, you are the opposite! How do you think the people would react? People would say that’s a wrong judgment because what AbdulAziz did was an act of mercy, but because you only saw him cutting the leg of that someone without knowing the background or knowing the full story, you immediately judged AbdulAziz and blamed him which is unfair and unjust.

Imagine the difference between God and myself. If all the knowledge and wisdom of human beings accumulated and been put in one brain, compared to God’s knowledge and wisdom, it’s like a ring thrown in the desert.  The problem is most people may believe in the existence of God but they don’t believe in his other names and attributes even if they claim they do. As I usually say, the key to happiness, the secret to have a peaceful life, is to learn God’s names and what each name means and have a solid belief in his names.

“Divine mercy wraps all existence in its fold, forever enduring.  The caring Lord of mankind is merciful to them, full of compassion.  The name of God, Ar-Rahman, suggests His loving mercy is a defining aspect of His being; the fullness of His compassion is limitless; a bottomless ocean with no shores… In God’s abounding mercy, He sends down rain to produce fruits from orchards to provide for the human body.  The soul as well needs intense spiritual nourishment the same way the body needs food.  In His abounding mercy, God sent prophets and messengers to human beings and revealed scriptures to them to sustain the human spirit” Read more:

Finally I will close this post with a saying of Prophet Mohammed (Peace and blessings be upon him): “God created a hundred portions of mercy.  He placed one portion between His creation due to which they have compassion on each other.  God has stored the remaining ninety nine portions for Judgment Day to grace His slaves.” A mere portion of divine mercy fills the heavens and the earth, humans love one another, beasts and birds drink water. Also, the divine mercy which will be manifested on Judgment Day is vaster than what we see in this life, just as divine punishment will be more intense than what we experience here.“


  1. Salam alaikum, Brother, subhanAllah for this post. May Allah grant you the rewards in this life and the hereafter for spreading His word and His attributes. Just one small thing- pls change your background of the website from black to white. Reading white text against black background is hurting the eyes :)
    Jazakh Allahu khair.

  2. Alaikom ElSalam, Amen to your prayers, thank you for your words... I myself want to change my blog layout and colors, but the designer is not free these days, he is kinda busy. I will talk to him again.

  3. This post really touched me, great writing akhi!!!! :)

    1. You are welcome, thanks for visiting my blog and read what I wrote.