Thursday, September 8, 2011

~Bright Sides Of Things~

We may see in colors, we may see in black
But when light's hiding the answers is right behind your back

When water is draining, there must be a crack
Illness is not a question in the riddle's sack.

We may think that punching, throwing different names,
Blaming different factors, playing other games,

May be solutions for some of life's diseases
But, we must notice the message that pleases.

God's showing us many things, but we're blind,
God's showing his signs to us because he's kind.

"Bright Sides Of Things" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2011


  1. Very true... We always see our glass half empty rather then half full. Is that human nature or our conditoning?

  2. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

    very nice written! Had the chance to browse a bit through your blog and mashaallah you are a very talented writer. Your poems are very beautifull and can find much from me in them (am a gemini too ;) )
    The islamic posts are very good as well and very benefitial! You have the right aqida mashaallah and what I liked most is that you are identifying yourself most as muslim and not by nationality!

    Keep it up, looking forward to read more!

  3. Well to day i read this post. I like so much because is real. All stay in front of all time in ours eye only must see with our soul because in God and in ours heart are the true. The rest... is like a prism, is subjective but God see all! I feel peace in my soul when i read your words.


  4. They say Allah opens the heart to such perceptions.. I believe you've captured the essence of these ideas in the most beautiful sense of the word.. MashAllah may Allah reward you for your efforts..

  5. Is funny read my all comments. My English is bad but was so much worst hahahaha! Anyway I felt peace with your words when I was a catholic woman and today as Muslim I feel proud of you