Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 Secrets of Successful Leaders

1. Assemble a dedicated team. 
2. Overcommunicate. 
3. Don’t assume.
4. Be authentic.
5. Know your obstacles.
6. Create a "Team Charter."     
7. Believe in your people.  
8. Dole out credit.
9. Keep your team engaged. 
10. Stay calm.   


  1. i agree but with calm always feels your sixth sense because always in a team there is a conspirator and sold. you know is like the judas kiss... ( for me judas in the real life is the person least suspected ) and well your top ten in leadership is good )sorry for say because i know university level marketing and economy and yeah is great this words for the team but know... one person one world... and i believe in "my team" but in to my mind always watch like an eagle... ;)

    hung from Buenos Aires

  2. mmm... the true about me is in LinkedIn. Studied many universities in Buenos Aires, International trade, custom brokers, lawyer, protocol & ceremonial. I have honors and four recommendations but i don´t like... and when i decided on my: i became in mom and fashion write, pr & personal shopper... yeah... is stranger i know!!!...
    ... but one dream goes a long way. I´m the first latin woman finalist in Europe for this winter in trend and editorial in Thread Fashion Media Network... all is possible in the life! in my blog speak about all this and has got translate in arabic and english 2!


    my original idea is Trends1 British!