Monday, December 26, 2011


So, what is there left to choose
When you got it all , still nothing to lose
Maybe a friend's angry, maybe a friend's confuse
Yet a friend is not a tool to use.

What is there to do when you took a decision
But friends don't understand your opinion
Must you follow hearts of warm wax, still boiling
Or to take steps and pursue giants , flying?

It's hard , I admit it , but they will understand
Time solves all our problems in the hourglass' sand
By leaving them they will search for me and
Finally know that a friend's your right hand.


  1. i wish i had freinds but good ones!!! it makes sense to life!!! they give you hope and make you laugh when you are sad !!!! they take care of you!!! advice you!!! and loves you for what you are !!!!

  2. I agree but such friends are rare! In fact in our world today we are sometimes even more afraid of our friends instead of strangers...

  3. Good Friends r definately precious n rare. Thanks to اللَّهُ I hav a few that are really dear to me n always guide me in the right direction n those r the 1s I've met recently. Sadly the 1s u grow up with aren't always there