Monday, January 18, 2016

The Best Project Management

For years, I’ve been officially working as a Project Manager, I’ve managed multiple Projects and Programs, varying from mini to what they call Mega or Big Projects and sometimes I was failing while others were extraordinary success that added value to the organisation I worked for. One thing I learned that the most vital part of Project Management is planning and how everything works together to achieve a certain goal. Recently, I’ve been thinking about what happened in this life, and the multiple events we see in our daily basis a sudden thought came to me that this life is similar to a very large Project, where the Project Manager God is none other than God.

To manage a Project Properly, you need to have Project Start Date and Project End Date, Purpose for the Project and Objectives. Then you go through a very big planning cycle which includes (Project Plan, Human Resources Plan, Schedule Plan, Execution Plan, Risk Management Plan,.etc) Then you will also need to identify Project Deliverables and Milestones. Once the Execution Phase is taking place, the Monitoring and Control process takes place continuously till the end of the Project. I don’t want to go through the boring processes of Project Management and what I mentioned is more than enough. 

Now think about it, the start of this universe is the Project Start Date, and the end of life is the Project End Date. The main purpose of this Project is to test human beings whether they are worthy to be accompanying God in heaven for eternity or not, would they pass in worshiping God with their free will or not. Among other Project Objectives is to develop the character of the human being, to develop life, to develop the Earth and the world around us, …etc for the sake of meeting the higher goal of the Project, to worship God and live for the glory of God. As for Project Milestones, some of them could be the creation of Adam, another Milestone is the descendent of Adam from Heaven to Earth, the second Milestone is the message of Noah, Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. Their births and their declarations that they are messengers from Allah could be considered one milestone in this ultra-mega Project. While the deliverables could be the tangible results of the events between each milestone.

Note that some of the deliverables/activities/milestones may not function as what it was supposed to do or a milestone may not be met without certain type of events, it’s then where the Risk Management Plan takes place. God with his great wisdom and knowledge, knew who would obey him and who would disobey, what of the universal laws, events, objects might be affected by other and what not. So he planned for this as well, so if there is a risk of living dictator like Pharaoh who might affect the course of events, God planned how he would be no obstacle, if people tried to assassinate Mohammed, he does have plans how to keep him safe without direct interference. If the population of humanity increases dramatically there are events that would take in life to have the right balance, the events could be in the form of earthquakes, Tsunamis, …etc 

The main purpose of the Monitoring and Controlling process, is to see if everything is going as planned or not, and if not a change must take in place to make things as it was or even better. The messengers are means to monitor and control, they preach people, they remind human beings of the purpose, of the right path that they need to follow, through them, God’s manuals, policies and procedures were revealed. (Tawrah, Enjeel, Quran, etc…) because of God’s unlimited knowledge, he planned every single thing every small detail, so even a change request (Prayers) taken into consideration. God knew, some of the human beings would face difficult situations, and he planned it in a way, that the next situation will only happen after they pray, so the event, the prayer, the answer of the prayer they were all part of the plan. So the change request been implemented as part of the original plan without a change in the original plan, because the original plan was designed in a way to foresee this. Unlike companies who usually can’t bring the good of bad situations, or bad people, God on the other hand is specialised in bringing the good out of the situations where they seem difficult from our perspective, even the creation of Satan, I’ve wrote a whole post benefits of creating Satan. 

Of course the names of the Project Management processes may not be appropriate to use when we talk about God, for God doesn’t have any risks, God doesn’t require any change Request, …etc however all of the Project Management processes are covered in God’s master plan, every detail of it. If you noticed how perfectly God is planning everything, you as human being should only trust him, if someone planned everything like how you can see in the lessons learned (History) document, you would notice there is no gap, there is no shortcoming, there is no weakness or even delay in God’s plan, you can only trust him, you need to talk to him in your prayers, seek his love and you seek to glorify and please him, because as you know now, things may not proceed for in your life if you didn’t pray and trust him, because such things you desire are activities or events that will happen only if its preceding event occurred. As Martin Luther King JR once said: “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” 

One thing you should also know, that sometimes Project Managers are forced to manage Projects they don’t love to be part of it, or if they are interested in the Project they may not be loving all Project team members equally, but in God’s case is different, because in God’s plan, what’s the most important thing is that the event, human, anything serves its purpose, so God willed it to happen even the unhappy situations in our life, the reason for that God REALLY loves for you to develop your character and loves you develop your own personality and advance spiritually instead of staying where you are not changing.

What makes a good Project Manager in my opinion, is the manifestation of the initial plan in the mind of project manager, I usually translate what is in my mind into plan in documents, then as a contingency, I prepare a plan B if Plan A didn’t work, unfortunately most Projects doesn’t go 100% as planned in documents let alone as planned in mind. This is not the case for God, when God planned the whole thing with his unlimited knowledge, what manifested in real life was nothing more or less than what he planned. 


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