Sunday, March 31, 2013

Christian's Questions

Greetings Reader! As some of you know, I discuss a lot with Non-Muslims (Mainly Christians) and the Christian read my previous posts but I remember the Christian asked me if your God said: “Verily, His Command, when He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, "Be!" and it is!”  why he would send the Holy Spirit to Mary so Jesus may born? And also asked me another question: “If Jesus was not crucified why God would let someone else be crucified instead of him?”

With all my respect, questions such as above rises only when someone still don’t know who is God and his attributes. In many posts I mentioned that God is All-Powerful but he is All-Wise. God can create the heavens and earth with a thought, but he created them in 6 days, it’s not because God can’t? it’s because God is All-Wise, we don’t understand why God did this, some humans may know 10 or 20 reasons while some others may know 100 Thousand to 1 Million but still a human being wisdom can never reach that of God so before I answer this question, oh Christian? Why would you even ask if the difference between your wisdom and God is that big to extent that we can’t even compare?

If you are going to ask God why he sent Holy Spirit to Mary or why he created Jesus without father, then why don’t you ask the following questions: “Why God created the world in 6 days?” or “Why God created you Christian with that face and that body?” or “Why did God designed the Cow, Pig, human in such forms?” there are billions of questions you can ask “Why?” but every sane man who believe in the existence of God understands that God have a reason regardless if you Christian know it or not? I will give you example, if  was in my office, and bought a blue covered note book, it would be really stupid to ask me why you bought the blue covered? Because you already know that I have a reason for my selection, be it love for the color blue, others colors were out of stuck, be it for any other reason. There is a reason, so God when created Jesus the way he created did have many reasons, if you believe in God that he is All-Wise why would you care about such details? It’s just prove your heart is not filled with the belief that God is greater, wiser, more powerful than you.

We need to understand many things in this world are created in cause and effect manner, like to have a human child you need man and women. To cook food you need the ingredients, the spoon…etc similarly God created Jesus through the breath of Holy Spirit breath. Now can God create Jesus out of nothing without any cause? Yes he can, after all God created the Cause & Effect and all matters in this universe. Now if your head is blocked by smokes of atheism or the media, you need to read my post: “Why God is Perfect?” 

As for the second question, why you Muslims believe God would let someone else besides Jesus be crucified? Well God protected Jesus from getting crucified, why would another be crucified, there could be several thousand of reasons that we don’t know, but we know God is all-wise so we are comfortable and having peace of mind. However we believe the one who was crucified was the one who wanted to show the enemies of Jesus of his place, so to punish him God changed his appearance to be the appearance of Jesus, so they killed someone they thought was Jesus but wasn’t. If you are going to say but the Bible says this or the Bible says that about his resurrection? Well simply go read my two posts: “Insults To God In The Bible” & “Why Jesus Is Not Son Of God?” to understand that we can’t trust the Bible with the amount of corruptions and human-made changes in the book.

Oh Christian, Why it’s so hard to grasp the idea of Jesus birth if you are claiming you believe in God? God created Jesus miraculously with only mother while God created Adam without parents which is more impressive, so why it’s so hard to understand that God can do anything he wants? Why would you throw false claims about God like Jesus is God or Son of God because it’s miracle that Jesus was created only from mother not father? When you already know that Adam was created without parents? When you already know that God created the Billions of Galaxies without any problem while the Galaxies’ creation are even far more miraculous and impressive than human beings. If you really think about it, you will realize you were greatly deceived or you are deceiving yourself by believing what you Want to believe not what is “Right” to believe? Anyway Christian, if you really read my posts without letting your mind be shadowed by what you learned since childhood, I am sure you will discover the truth Insha’Allah. Wish you the best

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