Saturday, December 11, 2010


So much power
So much might
Do what’s bad
Or do what’s right

Follow your heart
Or follow your mind
Be ruthless, be mean
Or try to be kind

Feed the hungry, the poor
Fill your coffers with gold
Now come, choose which door
Make your choice, just be bold

The path, is it straight
Or does it take you awry?
Do you give in to hate
Do you cheat, steal and lie?

Or follow the righteous
The charity waits
Yell and just fight us
Come, go through the gates

Come to the side
That is evil and dark
Be hurtful and snide
Just leave your mark

No, come to the light
Give your heart and your hand
No anger, no fight
Can you understand?

The wrong thing so easy,
The right is so hard
But it makes you queasy
To choose the wrong card

Play the hand that you’re dealt
But play it well, son
You know how it felt
How the choice was won

Make it now, go the way
Of the martyr and God
Choose saving the day
Though devilry prods

And you choose the good
As you walk through the door
You lifted the hood
And you gave some more

The power in you
The good wins the day
You’ve done the right thing
And you’ve gone the right way
"Decision" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2010


  1. Ahalan Abdulaziz!

    Kaifa Halok?

    Ana taib,anta?

    Ma'a ElSalama :)

  2. Ohhh Loli, you learned to speak Arabic? great progress!

  3. i can read a little, i undestand so much better and i can speak like a baby :D when the people speak in arabic i undestand mmm... maybe a 30%