Saturday, December 18, 2010

~Wandering Soul~

Awakened by a dreadful thunder
None like I have heard before
Dazed confusion fills my head
I run but don't know what's in store

Screams and howls that don't subside
I find at every turn I make
I seek a shelter where to hide
But find no shelter I can take

Enraged and scared I must move on
And try to find escape from here
A silence falls so suddenly
Which fills my spine with chilling fear

I see myself from up above
A lifeless body on the ground
My cherished life been stripped from me
My soul now wanders all around...

"Wandering Soul" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2010


  1. GREAT!!! but sad :( !!!

    would be good if u write more happy things !! :p

  2. No worries there are happy things coming :P

    glad u liked it ^_^

  3. I realized myself with those... And whenever I hide, the shelter falls over me and sculpts my grave. But, the silence shuddered by the loud scream of reality... So, I'm still running trying to find the peace.

  4. Anonymous:
    You will find inshallah :)

    Translator required :P

  5. je vous tire chapeau :)

    "I take off my hat" (as in praise)