Friday, December 24, 2010

Why Only Muslims?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكـم ورحمـة الله وبـركـاته


  1. Maybe the reason you think that only Muslims are oppressed is because you only see them, care for them, and are one of them.

    A lot of other ethnicities or races, and maybe religions are oppressed as well.

    Don't you think?

  2. Islam being one of the most popular religions in the world today yet it's targeted by the media and many other nations. The pics shows clearly what is going on. It showed the difference between Muslims & Other religions. I never found not even heard there is other major religion oppressed as Islam.

  3. The rest of the gallery of that :

  4. Thanks alot for the link, really amazing gallery

  5. I saw this post!...i'm like u now and i'll write about Before- After and my objective vision about the topic.

    Before like a woman "catholic, liberal, fashion woman?!"

    ... Well the life is more easy because the people judge 4 my physical appearance. Not all was easy because the people think too. If i just a beauty woman i can't be smart but she or me was necesary for image to companies like a personal assistant or secretary to the businessman although it could be more.

    After... i've got lucky because i study in college publisher ( is like a University) and here the people are great but on the street is hard... Before like a fashion model after the people show me... too much! ( like an tourist attraction), Forget NEVER the companies here take a muslin with her dress... is the rules!

    objective vision

    The muslin countries... for action or gift of Allah are rich in many precious metals and hydrocarbons. I think all is a plan! is put the muslin like a excuse and put the muslin like a global danger because the rest of the people feeling fear like a epidemic. And in this "fake epidemic" for ignorant people, are many, i worried the last... is equal VIH, Muslins, Osama like a trash. And sure, Ingland, Usa and others... used the excuse make a war... kill many childrens, men, women, nothing is important!... This "democraties countries" hahahha( sorry 4 my hahaha!!!) are more rich at the expense of innocent. Before were jews with the Nazis... but is stranger because the bank that Hitler gave money for this horror was USA. YES, was USA!!! Hitler was just a puppet's USA... with Osama and 11st was equal.

    is very long... and my english suck!

    But i know the true. I live in liberal occident country and i'm muslin with pride!

  6. Simple: I feeling like a muslim many things.

    Today i saw on the cinema this trailer "The Dictador". When i listed some month before this film and asked in twitter: is like "The Dictador" by Charles Chaplin? because this film in black and white was great and Chaplin mimicked Hitler... with gestures, well many more but was excellent for the time. This woman never reply me but today i saw this trailer. In first time, i thought: is funny... then i thought just a minute and is other again "discrimination" muslim like terrorism look: ... really is funny the last?... for me a little sad! :'(