Thursday, December 23, 2010

Revealing The Less Cited Benefits Of Reading

In the earlier years, people have greatly relied on reading books to be able to gain and hone their knowledge and thinking abilities, at the same time, people then not only use books for learning but also served as a communication tool and a form of entertainment. Everyone was eager to have even a single book, everyone dreamed to learn how to read. In its early years, books were only an item for the rich and a dream for the poor; they are the fountain of knowledge. However, the emergence of technological breakthroughs from the radio, television and afterwards, computers and the internet have slowly side winded peoples attitude towards reading and interest on books. This case is very much evident especially on the younger generation, on today’s new age students.

Teachers would note that students are rarely interested on reading books. Parents could no longer compel their child to read. We may no longer experience such times wherein during the winter or colder seasons, we would just sit in the couch and read some interesting and imaginative books. Today, most people would probably sit on the couch and play on a computer game or stick their eyes unto the television. Notwithstanding this situation, there is still hope in inculcating the vast advantages, benefits and importance of reading and mainly, the declining interest on books. I have cited the major ones on the following discussions.

Essentially, reading promotes creativity and a person’s imagination. Compared to the favorite past time of watching a movie or television, books would require the reader to create in his mind characters that would fit into the description of what he/she reads and on how a particular setting or act is portrayed. Improving one’s abilities in terms of reading is as good as to increasing the ability to comprehend most vague concepts and ideas. Critical thinking and effective decision making is also founded on the basis of good reading.

One of the most important benefits of reading is what we need in our daily life, which is to effectively communicate. Before we could talk simultaneously, before we could even use today’s technology, we must first be able to read. Reading is communicating. Reading might also inspire the young to know more about many things or to create interest in many areas. An example would be a boy who happens to read the biography of a great scientist which then inspires him to pursue such field in his high school or college years. 

We massively increase our vocabulary by reading, and aside from our parents, we learn and adopt positive values and habits through reading. In earlier years of reading we can be familiar of what values are wrong and what are right or the acceptable ones. There are even studies proving that reading in early childhood years is an effective way of avoiding drugs and illegal activities for the youth. Teachers’ problem on students’ short learning and attention span can be remedied by encouraging the young ones to read. Reading promotes concentration. Spelling and writing can be greatly determined by reading. Also, reading can prepare the young ones when they are about to enter the "Real World" in their adult years. Finally, reading of books within the family creates a close bond with its every member.

Thus, the importance of reading and books are said to be boundless, even with the existence or birth of the newest of technological improvements.

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