Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Purpose

The plants have dried and gone... Life here is not for the faint... Stealing, hurting and so on. We have become virtue-less creatures who feed on the weak and nobody shall stop us or we will rip out their tongue before they can speak... The end is near and I sincerely fear there will be punishment for our behavior... Are we not but skin, flesh, bones fueled with soul!? Is there something more? Are we all alone on this planet and in this time can we turn it all around and be forgiven our crimes!? Turn over a new leaf and surrender our belief that we are owed something...

"Our Purpose" " Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2010


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    Happy New Year!!
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  2. Dear Abdulaziz,
    MashaAllah... each entry carries a meaningful message... I am proud of you. Allah ykather men amthaalik w yzak allah khair.

    people are so materialistic, and most of them shun themselves from the Islamic lectures and programs... therefore, they're dead...
    وأغلب البيوت من داخل تفتقد للروحانيات

    I've experienced something similar to yours with the paki friends at mosque.. but it was with philipino women who gathered themselves to talk about Allah and some religous matters............. The way they greeted us even though me and my friend were the only local girls left us speechless!! we couldn't leave "7alaqat el thikr" even though most of the talk was in their tagalog language!

    el7emdellah... it is a gift that we understand the real meaning of brothers and sisters in Islam.

    unfortunately, a lot of people think that by being humble, they'll lose something in their prestige!!!
    مع إنه التواضع خلق الأنبياء

    الله يهدينا ويهدي الجميع