Tuesday, January 18, 2011

~In The Shades of Virtues~

Of all the things I try to be
Good worker and good friend
I try to be a loving force
To all I meet along my course
And love others until the end.

An honest man I have become
Never my fellow cheated
And if by fault a falsehood sent
I try my hardest to repent
And restore our friendship undefeated.

But if one other turns away
Their hand to fill my wanting lack
Though harm be caused,
Without a pause,
I forgive and warmly welcome back.

Above these other virtues, one
That stands above the others
Though lives charge on
From dusk to dawn
My boon withdrawn
Or fortune’s strong,
I never forget my brothers.

"In The Shade Of Virtues" " Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2011

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