Monday, January 10, 2011

Looking Into Human Emotions

The very basic determinant of our attitudes and actions are our ever changing emotions. Emotions and its effects can be basically observed in an evident cycle. Initially, our mind thinks or reacts to a certain situation, then it translates into a specific kind of emotion, this emotion in turn will determine our attitude concluding into a behavior. Emotions are simply understood as our feelings. Some studies would show that there can be numerous kinds of these emotions than what we usually know like the more common feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, envy, fear, hatred, etc. We feel and portray these emotions as our bodies tingle, as hot spots or maybe some sort of muscle tension. Feeling a certain kind of emotion is voluntary, when we link and ponder on some individual or situation, we feel emotions.

Emotions are very much important in our daily life especially in terms of communicating as we are all social individuals. Emotions are one of the basics of survival, our emotions may warn or signal us when we are frightened and we crave for connection when we are lonely. Our emotions oftentimes affect the manner on how we choose and make judgments since it is mainly connected with our brain. Emotions aid in predicting our behavior including others. 

As some experts would cite, there is basically a distinction between a primary emotion and a secondary one. Primary emotions are those that we initially feel whereas secondary emotions are those the primary leads to. It would be nice if all the resulting behavior of emotions is good or positive in nature, but, that would be impossible since everyone else also experiences the negative ones. If negative emotions are natural, then how can we free ourselves from negative thoughts?

Negative thoughts and emotions have negative impact on our life, on others, including to our health. Sadness and anxiety may lead to depression, fear and shock may cause trauma, etc. Sometimes when we are already caught by these side effects, it is no longer easy healing them out. Thus, before we suffer from those, we must at least learn how to prevent them from happening. There are numerous methods on how we can free ourselves from negative thoughts and emotions.

First, don’t just accept you’re in a bad day when you are feeling sad or angry, you must accept that every emotion has its source. The next step is to ponder on the possible causes of your negative thoughts. After which it would be helpful if you could compare out the negative causes versus the counterpart causes on the positive side. With both causes on mind, try to direct your thoughts unto the positive ones. Try to generate answers on what would possibly make you feel better. Think of these solutions instead and work on them out. The thing is, when you generally don’t give room for negative thoughts on your mind, it will never become a problem. 

Finally, to get rid of those negative emotions, don’t exaggerate, be concise, deal with it as early as possible, don’t be guilty, talk about it and ask for help.

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