Wednesday, January 5, 2011

~Spirited Away~

What ghosts walk these hallowed hills,
Where once the cry of battle reigned?
Who are these smoky misty forms that
By their blood this ground was stained?

Their cry of pain floats on the wind.
Echoing from the ridge,
Calling for aid and comfort, but alas,
The spans too wide to bridge.

Only God can help these souls who have
Fallen at the line,
Build no monument to these men, this
Ground shall be their shrine.

Let angels hover above the trees and
Guard these men of yore,
Kiss their cheeks and soothe their brow,
For death shall be no more.

"Spirited Away" " Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2011


  1. Mashallaah There is genuine improvement in this poem. I like the style, I like the tone, I love the message in it as well as the structure. Its really beautiful and well written. One of your best poems so far.

  2. Thanks alot Shahoodeh for your comment I appreciate it. I am glad to hear that, I am still learning the thing is I need to spend more time while I am writing to make it at least acceptable otherwise it will be a simple poem.

    Thanks anyway ^_^