Saturday, January 8, 2011

What makes a Human?

So what makes a human,
The blood in his veins?
What makes a human,
His heart's many pains?
Killing, maiming, deceit and remorse,
Lead lives led by madmen, into their cold corpse.
If men want nothing, but to hurt and to rob,
No one cries for them, but yet they still sob.
To turn on the people that love you most,
Is to turn on everything that a normal man boasts.
Faith, hope and love are the structure of life.
But anything else leads directly to strife.
Maybe then can change, change their path.
But if not? Well, you do the math. 

"What Makes a Human?" " Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2009


  1. Wow masha'allah very creative and heart touching ^_^ keep them coming bro ,,,

  2. :) Great that you wrote this...

    I was wondering about how we address someone as "human" and how we address them as "humane"

    If someone commits mistakes, creates a mess around him/her; that's human.

    But if someone does good deeds; that's humane...

    Same thing with Arabic
    الانسانية والبشرية..

    Am I making any sense! lol just some random thoughts :P