Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Don’t Be Mad At Me

Here is another participation in trending hashtag #DontBeMadAtMe I wrote some tweets using the hashtag. I decided to share some of them. For more tweets about the same subject please visit my page

#DontBeMadAtMe because I am not following your rules

#DontBeMadAtMe if you can't read my mind or see what's in my heart!

#DontBeMadAtMe if we were raised differently, chickens and lions are not raised in the same manner

#DontBeMadAtMe for everything I have done I have done to survive. Excuse me I forgot to cry...

#DontBeMadAtMe if I didn't talk about the subjects you are interested in, I have my own interests and subjects!

#DontBeMadAtMe because I am worshiping Allah rather than follow idol worship in lethargy.

#DontBeMadAtMe if I am following the guiding light that will make me soar like a kite while you accepted to live in darkness

#DontBeMadAtMe I made my choice to live life fast ignoring to see if it would last, Excuse me, I forgot to dream your dream...

#DontBeMadAtMe when I am spamming your timelines trying to inspire my followers.

#DontBeMadAtMe if I stepped forward when you decided to step backward

#DontBeMadAtMe just because I have friends and loving people around me

#DontBeMadAtMe if I am killing the "Devil" inside your heart by my words

if I didn't have any feelings for you, my feelings were distributed to many, I am not sure if any feelings remains

if you found me countering every words you say, for we are ordered not to allow you spread atheism's beliefs among Muslims

If I said what you really "Deserve" and not what you really "Desire" to hear.

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