Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Real Women Want

What does a woman want
A diamond ring or a gold bangle
Choices and options abound
Luckily, smart enough to wangle

A doting husband, and lot more
A flexible and giving one
Who lets you be you
BTW, can have just one

A life full of surprises
Dreams, desires in plenty
Laughter and fun filled
Just grief and sorrow to scanty

Past would be all to cherish
Future will bring more and more
The present will sweep insane
Happiness will run through each chore.


  1. The real woman never thinks in diamons because not all when shine is good. Is true all women loves gold and diamons but "real woman" need many things and all this shine is low cost in the "real woman"...
    Women are many and a "Real woman" few!

    The real woman want adventures with "real man"
    Enjoy with real man
    Admirate the real man
    Leanr the real man
    Give the best of this real man, moments, many secrets, words, sports, travels in her brain because the diamond hasen't got this power!

    The real woman preffer the man open the door like a lady more than drive...

    The real man many things fight with his self because in his house waiting for him a great woman with a diamond in her finger but he often is sad because lost the passion in his lazy and rutine life.
    The real woman fight for her dreams because nothing put in her hands a diamond ring but never she lost the passion...

    And she live and he dream with she "the real woman"

  2. oh! The last comment was an excellent projection example, not?!

    Hahaha!!! Is funny last week spoke with you about "projection" ( the people and the mirror)

    Have a great day!

  3. I back to this post again. Why?...Is my question, when i wrote this comment i had got value or more courage. The time fly very fast in front of my eyes. My hand hasen't got any ring. Is sad not for the diamond... i don't need a diamond or Cartier bracelet... I need "true and pure love" and sure, "The diamond" is simbolic... is like a joke but is true: Never i could buy a Bulgari, Cartier, and the best brand in jewelry. Why? i could pay... is because the ring more small is number 12 and is big for me hahaha!!! and the bracelet are to much big too... my finger and my wrist is like a little girl. Only i have got necklaces. Well the point is: If i'll got the lucky to "the woman your wrote" the ring not is for me. All to my is done to i and for hobby when i'll have savings money go to the jewelry and i design my own jewels... like rings or bracelets.
    I'm special and i wish "this real man if will exist" will desing this special ring to me... Cartier??? is like Hermes Birkin nothing special... just one more in this world! I love the art and "the real man" what i need must be smart, know me and will make all unique for me...

    All special and real woman need just the best unique man!