Monday, January 16, 2012

It Annoys Me When

Yesterday the #itAnnoysMeWhen was trending, so I wrote some tweets using the hashtag. I decided to share some of them. If you are interested for more please visit my page

#itAnnoysMeWhen I see people dare to say "This is wrong" to weak and poor people but they chicken out if it was VIP or a beautiful lady!

#itAnnoysMeWhen I listen to loud songs from others' cars while waiting for the traffic signals to turn green.

#itAnnoysMeWhen it's cool to give names to people from different nationalities but it's totally un-cool when some call us with names.

#itAnnoysMeWhen people insult a religious man who laughed while they praise those insane singers who laugh and shout for no reason.

#itAnnoysMeWhen people care to increase their general knowledge and improve their lives and they ignore improving their soul & faith

#itAnnoysMeWhen you show someone how great is his mistake yet he tries desperately to find weak excuses to defend himself.

#itAnnoysMeWhen I see some people respect people, titles, positions, materials more than God

#itAnnoysMeWhen people exceed the limit in expressing their love.

#itAnnoysMeWhen I see people early in the morning listening to songs instead of Quran

#itAnnoysMeWhen HR people recruit people based on the candidate looks or their friendships with the candidate.

#itAnnoysMeWhen someone claims he accepts advises but when you advise him he gets angry.

#ItAnnoysMeWhen I realize I have no power to change what can be changed.

#ItAnnoysMeWhen I see people says country comes before religion

#ItAnnoysMeWhen I see no one stand up and say anything when they see "Shameless" acts

#ItAnnoysMeWhen people say we are "All Equal" I’m sorry but I am not equal to someone who decided to live among trash and he is happy...

#ItAnnoysMeWhen a man who doesn’t know anything but poems and love stories, talk lowly about our scholars.

#ItAnnoysMeWhen we use our religion teachings only when it's not conflicting with our desires.

#ItAnnoysMeWhen men stand up against you to support wrong claims by a Lady

#ItAnnoysMeWhen we are not proud of our religion.

#ItAnnoysMeWhen I see men throwing their prides to get close to certain VIPs

#ItAnnoysMeWhen people counter your words when you are using verses of Quran or sayings of Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him

#ItAnnoysMeWhen parrots of the western's media talk about Islam

#ItAnnoysMeWhen I feel I am the only one standing in this battlefield...

#itAnnoysMeWhen I find lots of things around me that makes me get annoyed :D

1 comment:

  1. #itAnnoysMeWhen someone lie me!
    #itAnnoysMeWhen The people think or judges for my "fashion look" and doesn't know me!
    #itAnnoysMeWhen Any men call like a "bitch" to woman, only because "she look sexy"!... (sorry for the word)
    #itAnnoysMeWhen Just a man beating to any woman! Is a coward!
    #itAnnoysMeWhen Any men believed with the best car is better in all. Is only a CAR... and this "man" not is nothing!
    #itAnnoysMeWhen the people say: Crazy or insane if u'll look diferent... like all muslim woman!
    #itAnnoysMeWhen the time isn't sufficient. The world don't stoped!
    #itAnnoysMeWhen Nothing cry with you... and give a big hung!
    #itAnnoysMeWhen i silence a horrible secret and not is my!!!
    #itAnnoysMeWhen i wish die...
    #itAnnoysMeWhen i feeling stupid and ugly!
    #itAnnoysMeWhen i count calories...
    #itAnnoysMeWhen sleep is like a dream...
    #itAnnoysMeWhen i can run... and just a voice say: Not is hour! When?!
    #itAnnoysMeWhen this only a wall and nothing reply me my stupids words...
    #itAnnoysMeWhen i fight for all and nothing fight for me!
    #itAnnoysMeWhen i was betrayed in my back...
    #itAnnoysMeWhen i can't feel hate only pain!