Sunday, November 3, 2013

Seeking The Truth

I would like to test you all by asking this: “Why you believe in what you believe?” No offense to anyone but I think most Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc… Most of them believe in their religion because they actually inherited their religion, they inherited their beliefs, they may practice some rituals of their religion but again what they do is like a robot, just repeating what they were taught since their childhood without daring or even trying to doubt. Like the computer, there is input from the user and output from the computer side. Sadly, this is how most of us living today, Have you ever asked yourself? Did God created me to animal-like being who or a computer-like? NO!

Oh Muslims, most of us repeat: “Our religion is the best religion in the world, we pray, we fast, we worship God and only God!” Let me ask you this my dear Muslim brother, how you became a Muslim? Yes “Became!!!” you might be surprised! honestly my dear brother you didn’t became a Muslim but you were born a Muslim. You Muslims are no different from the other human beings you usually feel superior to the Hindus or Buddhists just because you inherited this great religion but inheritance alone isn’t sufficient. If a son inherited lots of money from a wise businessman but the son isn’t wise, how do you think he would spend his money? Sooner or later he would lose the money he inherited from his father.

Have ever Allah said in the Quran: “Oh Muslims do this or that?” Never! God doesn’t want inherited Islam, God doesn’t want rituals not boosted by pure intent and believe which we call: “Eman/Iman/Faith”. God loves to see the worship of human beings who selected to worship him, not forced to or programmed to! God when he speaks to Muslims he always use the term: “O you who believe!” Have you ever wondered why? One of the reasons I think is because no one can force you to believe something without your choice! They can use powers and weapons to force your physical body, they can even kill you but no human being can force your heart to Believe or Not.

Also to Non-Muslims, have you ever doubted what you believe in? Don’t let your mind be kidnapped by the media, don’t let your heart be filled with hatred toward Muslims because of few dirty drops or because programmed Muslims are not showing what the real Islam is! Search yourself, read by yourself, go read what the Quran says, read what the Bible says, read world’s major scriptures, test each one of them, if a religion passed then embrace it. In my personal opinion, selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, that is called freedom, but true selfishness is asking others to live according to one’s wishes. Don’t be selfish and don’t let selfish people decide your fate, it’s only one life you have, no other life, few years and that’s it.

You are no less valuable in the sight of Allah if you are truly seeking him. Maybe once you read about so many religions you would be confused, in such states seek the source of guidance and Truth, God. Seek him, Pray sincerely to show you what’s right and what’s wrong. The doing is often more important than the outcome but I promise you if you did that you would find the truth. Please don’t forget that we don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us similarly we don’t receive faith and truth, we must discover them ourselves.

I was born in a Muslim family so by nature in my birth certificate they wrote: “Muslim” this immediately tells me I am not the one who selected my religion or my beliefs! How can I be happy or proud of a religion I didn’t select myself? I remember years back when I started my search for the truth, I started reading non-Islamic books, yes I admit I started reading all the authentic books of world’s major religions, I even read books about atheism while testing everything I am reading, if they failed… I leave it aside and move to another. After my journey in the search for the truth, the most suitable religion for me was non other than Islam, I was already a Muslim but this time I embraced Islam after regaining my humanity.

Do you think my journey ends here? Never! Success is a journey, not a destination. This journey ends only when I die, even if I found the truth, I need to learn more about the truth for the absolute truth is beyond imagination and descriptions of words. To explain that, imagine that only two human beings living in this world, one in the east and you are in the west. You are alone in this world but you had faith that there is another one beside you, what you would do after searching and finding him? You start building a relationship with the other human being, right? Similarly once you find the truths, you start learning more about the truth you found. You may say, what’s all this fuss about the truth? Well my friend, the truth is brighter than the sun, more beautiful than the moon. The truth is God and searching for God is the purpose of our life. Those who are lucky and found God in an early stage in their life, they build a relationship with God like the great prophets.

To all Muslims & Non-Muslims, please decide to be a human being. Decide to select what you believe in, decide to live a life of purpose, whatever you choose to do, try to put your mark in the world. I think one of the greatest meanings of life is to serve humanity, Humanity is a beautiful gift from God to us, we should not distort it or differentiate between multiple races. There are three questions every human being should ask themselves. 1. What/Who am I? 2. Who Created Me? 3. Why I am here? If you were able to answer the questions correctly, well congratulations! You are a human being. Finally I remind you of what Buddha said: “There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting” and remember: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.


  1. First of all, congratulations for your new post, really was very good! Maybe I see many of your words like own, of course your english it's great.
    it's a weird the sensation but wonderful: "seeking the truth" , because is like impossible live a life without seeking not only the truth in general, is in every single sense of ours lives. Everybody needs know their truth around themselves, the reason, our mission... and the more simple and complex asks: What/Who i am? who created me? Why i am here?
    Many people maybe will follow all their existence with this asks without a good answer and more questions that before... Sometimes the life it's through trial and error maybe isn't the best method but if you'll find the right answer before reaching the end of your road, have sense!
    We're simple humans, slaves of our Lord, (Who i am?) the psychology make millions with this ask, in my case... i'm just a simple slave, of Allah, and i'm slave too of my acts, my words, my facts, my life... my decisions and even mistakes, with the best and the worst as human i'm this person too much human... a sinner with good heart. Who created me? my parents but with the miracle of the creation, always is God, Why i am here? ups! tell me you first... i'm working in it!

    The reflexion is the first step to find the truth...

    Thank you so much for your help my dear!

  2. I found God through his creation...and listened to him through the movement of life and the whispering of the suffering brothers and sisters...that's where I realised my purpose.

    thank you Abdul Aziz...this post steered alot of related emotions...

  3. I found God through his creation...and listened to him through the movement of life and the whispering of the suffering brothers and sisters...that's where I realised my purpose.

    thank you Abdul Aziz...this post steered alot of related emotions...