Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Message To Muslims

This is another gift to my English followers, few words in English to share my thoughts. I often receive messages in Twitter from different people, mostly New-Muslims or Non-Muslims. I remember being asked a question few times which is: “Why Non-Muslims approaching you?” Well, I am not sure about the reason but I think it’s because I think of them as fellow human beings who have all the rights to explore different religions in their search for God. I am Muslim but I don’t see Non-Muslims as threat or as enemies even if you are forced to consider them as threats remember what Marcus Cicero said: “As fire when thrown into water is cooled down and put out, so also a false accusation when brought against a man of the purest and holiest character, boils over and is at once dissipated, and vanishes and threats of heaven and sea, himself standing unmoved.

If all Muslims in the past considered Non-Muslims as threat or enemies I am sure Islam was long dead, Islam is alive because real Muslims never lost faith in humanity. How can we lose faith in humanity when we utter day and night: “All the praises and thanks be to Allah, the Lord all that exists”. All that exists, which includes, Muslims, Non-Muslims, Living Beings and Non-Living. If I lost my faith in humanity simply because of few dirty drops of the ocean then, to be honest, I am glad I lost that fake faith! It’s an opportunity to search for a real faith, a real faith is like the unshakeable mountain.  When you give up on Non-Muslims because of few evil ones it’s like giving up on swimming in the sea because of few dirty drops. When you are giving on humanity because of few drops you are actually losing your humanity without being aware of it Remember the one who lost his humanity doesn’t deserve to be called a human anymore, let alone A Faithful Muslim.

The purpose of this post is not to answer the above question, but to remind the people about their forgotten humanity. During an early stage in my life, people used to give me names like a Lone Wolf, Dark One, etc... The reason for that was because I had let say a different way of thinking, different philosophies, different interests but too shy or too weak to say them or afraid to hurt the people around me by my unusual thoughts (at least to them). Now getting older the task to speak what’s in my heart became so much easier than before and I actually think it’s now when I started living, rising above boarders created by my old self or the society, have broader concerns for all humanity.

They say imagination is more important than knowledge while I don’t totally agree yet I use the power of imagination to help me in various matters. I always do this in my imagination when I find myself in a discussion with Non-Muslims. I divide myself into two, half of my soul is in a Muslim body with all the knowledge about God, Islam, Hereafter, etc… and the other half of my soul in the Non-Muslim body. I imagine that the two halves will be brought before the throne of God for judgment. What I would do? Would I forsaken the Non-Muslim and be content with the fact that half of my soul is a Muslim? Or I would try to protect the other half of my soul so we can be combined again in heaven!? This is how I see human beings, as one big soul divided into the humans’ bodies.

The issue with many Muslims regardless of their sects is that they judge people as if they are given one of God’s ability which is to see what’s in the heart of everyone. If they saw a Christian praying to Jesus they immediately judge that they are better than the Christian and the Christian is doomed to hell!? Do you have the ability to see what’s in the heart of this Christian? Do you have the ability to see the future and know how this Christian will end up? Aren’t many of our beloved Prophet’s companions were at first Non-Muslims then they became Muslims after finding out Islam was the truth? Do you have a guarantee that you will always be Muslim with pure heart till the end of your life or you might die Non-Muslim? If that was the case, the great prophets wouldn’t pray to God to protect their faith! Do you have a revelation from God that this Christian will forever be a Christian and never ever wanted to find the real God in his/her heart? You see you can’t answer! Then why you are judging? Instead of being a curse to this Christian be a blessing and you will sow the fruits of that in this life before the hereafter. Dear Muslim, remember that before the Almighty God in the day of judgment, human being will be judged not by their acts but by their intentions.

I personally believe the best kind of Muslims are those human beings who are trying to be like God even though they are limited beings. Don’t misunderstands me, when I say trying to be like God, I mean, God is the creator, you create and inventing great inventions that serves humanity, like how God created heavens and earth for the sake of human beings. God is the All-Merciful, be like a mercy sent to all humanity regardless of their beliefs or genders, don’t differentiate between Sunni or a Sufi, a Christian or a Hindu, have compassion for all including animals. God is the sustainer, sustain the life of the weak, help them overcome their difficulties and so on.

Become the candle that lights the darkness for the blind, the guidance for those whose hearts are covered by dark heavy clouds. Be the protector of the weak, the wisdom for the ignorant, forgive the sinner, be grateful for the kind, the food for the hunger, the money for the poor, the healer for the sick. Be self-dependent, have compassion for all human beings, have tolerance. If you flip the pages of history, you would realize every great man has one of the above mentioned traits or more. Don’t do all that striving for fame but sincerely do it for the sake of God and I promise you, you would see changes in your life, in this world before the hereafter.

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