Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Discussion with Non-Muslim 4

AbdulAziz: I always thought that the Jews are people I cannot understand easily but I realized Atheists are even more surprising. How can they be so brave to challenge the existence of God when the threat or promise is so important, Eternal Hell or Eternal Heaven! I mean if I am playing a game and I know that I am 90% correct and the other side said if you lost the game, you would go to jail for 5 years, but if you won you would get 10 Million dollars still I would not be ready to take the risk to be in jail for 5 years regardless of what likely I am going to get in the game.

How could Atheists have the guts to deny the existence of God and they don't approve his existence when the punishment of such denial is HELL for eternity, I am not talking about 5 years in jail and not a year getting boiled and burned in hell fire like a fish. I am not talking about 100 year 1000000 centuries but I am talking about ETERNITY! How could they take such a risk when they don't have the evidence that back up their claims!? I would like to ask those Atheists, What's making you dare to take this challenge and ready to get punished if you were wrong? I admit I cannot be like you guys, and I believe countless number of humans can't be like Atheists? What's the secret behind that guts?

Non-Muslim: The same can be asked of you. How do you know which religion is the correct one? Are you prepared to face the consequences of your decision? You have just as much chance of being wrong as the rest of us.

AbdulAziz: Nope! My situation is different, simply because of using common sense. Suppose now you have the Bible in Front of you and Christian’s believers themselves says there are contradictions in that Bible. They say that Almighty God is a Human and a God at the same time, saying the impossible thing. Now if the Judgment day came and Almighty God asked me: "AbdulAziz, why you didn't believe that Bible is my words, why you didn't believe I became a human and got slapped!" I would innocently answer, Oh God, because I really thought you’re far greater, I thought you could never contradict yourself, oh God, I never thought that your majesty will live in a woman’s womb for 9 months for the sake of humans. If God sent me to Hell I would never ever till the end would feel that I was treated with justice.

However, if a Christian stood in front of God and Almighty God asked him: "How you dare to say a book full of contradiction is my words!?" or "How you dare to say that I became a human and gone through such insults of living 9 months mixed with blood" How dare you to say this? If God sent the Christian in Hell I swear that the Christian would realize that he deserved that punishment which is logical.

My believe by no means is going against common sense, reasons, logic....etc that's why Hitt (A non-Muslim) said: "Islam does not set impossible goals. There are no mythological intricacies in this message. No hidden meanings or secrets and absolutely no priesthood.” Same goes for the Jews, they believe Almighty God does exists, they say wrong things about him but they never denied his existence, they know he exists, he created everything...etc but Atheists deny his existence to extent they are ready to say we don't know who created the universe but it's not God, they can accept anything but not the fact the God created the universe. Usually you will find most of them insulting Almighty God.


AbdulAziz: If you mean by Silly Hats the Muslim then no that's rumors, fake and falsehoods because Islam never promised them that if they killed Americans they will get virgins. In fact, Americans were not known at that time.

Non-Muslim: SILLYHATS DID 9/11.

AbdulAziz: SillyHats but not real Muslims

Non-Muslim: And if I were to say to Allah, "Oh, Lord, I apologize, but you simply did not give us enough evidence" and was subsequently banished to Hell just for being honest, I would also consider Him unjust.

AbdulAziz: When we want to examine something to be true what is the criteria we should use so it can be true and accepted to be true universally? Ask yourself this question! I can say: “Hey my life became far better when I accepted Jesus and believed in him” then I would say that's why Christianity is true but that doesn't mean anything because it only true to me, tomorrow you might say hey I accepted Allah as the Only Mighty God and am feeling better, that wouldn't mean a thing. To accept something to be true there are sets of principles, criteria, evidence, reasoning, common sense. Now ask any wise man, ask anyone one with sane mind and I challenge him what makes sense more, God being Always God or God becoming a human and still be considered a God! Your ignorance is not a fact, when you think no one can know the truth you are just trying to justify your doubts and fears, and the fact that truth is not clear for you, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Even at the time of Mohammed, Allah didn't have to prove much about his existence because of the signs...etc it was so clear, That why he said in the Quran is there any doubt about God! No Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu...etc would deny his existence because his existence is the common sense, his existence is the reasoning, his existence is the possible but denying his existence is the impossible, using common sense and reasoning

Non-Muslim: If God exists, then I suppose they derive their so-called "guts" from their ignorance of Him.

AbdulAziz: I always kept saying this to myself; it’s good to hear that from Atheists themselves.

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