Thursday, July 14, 2011

~For The Ever To Come~

All have their might

Cause they have them all

Cause they are all

I can see them all

No one finds me with them

I am all alone

I ignore the pleasures

I delay the smiles

I regret the laugh

Cause I am all alone

the recluse bites me

slices me weak each day

Solitude grasps me all

will kill me one day

though no more dark fears me

nor the pain and despair

fellow to me they are

For The Ever To Come...

"For The Ever To Come" Is Copyright To AbdulAziz Mohammed 2008


  1. Why your poems are all melancholy?... But is better hide the sad in poems or wrote just a simple word then shut up and smile like a nothing...

  2. Wow! These are powerful words.

  3. It's weird but 5 days ago this poem, your poem was btw my emails... I saw today it! God, your blog is following me with the right post, I didn't remember the subscription in many post but for some weird reason, your feelings are living with me.
    I don't want ask about why? Even I don't want give you an advice like in other moments, because... I was wrong about many advices and with the time you had the reason. Sure, you are a wise man with a strong spirit but I don't envy you, just I feel too much pride and admiration of you for it! I don't want be you or like you because I am who I am, just I hope be better human for be better muslim. A good muslim always is a good person... I'm trying to be that good person because really I am but I've a lot of faults for be an example of something.
    Dear big bro:
    Always you are with me, inside my heart, in the best part of it, where the feelings are pure and I am keeping the best of us, because we are mortals, simple humans but at the same time too complex for many people who doesn't know nothing about us, when I said us never I wanted speak like "some type of relationship" just I said it about ours personalities.
    We walk alone btw millions...
    My big bro, you are my big!

    With all my affection,