Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Discussion with Non-Muslim 9

Non-Muslim: You have constructed your entire life around Islam. It is your answer to everything. Why am I here? What happens when I die? What's the meaning of life?

AbdulAziz: That's because only Islam gives a logical answer to all important questions we have, I have studied most followed religions around the world and no religion passed the exam of logic except Islam.

Non-Muslim: Islam wouldn't give us what it offers you

AbdulAziz: That’s not true; of course if you deny the existence of God he wouldn’t give you in the hereafter like those who believed in him which is totally justice. You cannot equal two who are different. For example you are saying AbdulAziz you are jerk, you are the worst human being, while the other is praising me, would I have the same feelings for both and reward the same, of course not! In fact if I did so I would be unfair.

Non-Muslim: Perfection means the universe would be perfect yet an all loving God who wishes nothing but joy and peace for his creations would never create a volcano to kill his creations. If God was perfect, and he wanted humans to exist and could create them right off the bat why would he make a creature that change with every generation? Why make them even reproduce?

AbdulAziz: See you are again failing to understand the qualities of God, if you believed that God is All-Wise (Having the perfect wisdom) you wouldn’t question or ask him, not because you fear him but because he is all wise, whatever he does, he does it for a reason; for a wisdom, but because our knowledge is limited we can’t tell why he did this or that, I already explained this in detail in previous discussions. Plus just because the universe is not perfect that doesn’t mean God is not perfect. For example if I invented a robot but for some reasons known to myself I didn’t create hands for that robot, does that mean in any way that I don’t have hands!? As I said, we can’t know why God did this or that, however, if we know Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise, Perfect…etc we wouldn’t even ask him this question, Humans would never totally understand all the wisdom behind God’s works. In fact, we humans, can't even understand each other’s even though we are of the same race yet there are many conflicts in our world. It's because we don't understand each others such fights and conflicts exists. If we humans (Who can never be compared to God) can't understand each others, how do we allow ourselves to imagine that we would understand all the reasons behind God's acts. 

Imagine a father having a son with serious sickness where he should cut his son's leg or his son would die. Even though it pains the father to cut his son's leg but he knows it's for his best. When you see something you can't bear in this world, don't say God is not merciful or not fair…etc just because you don't know the wisdom behind God's acts you shouldn't unnecessary give God inappropriate titles and attributes. We may understand one reason why God allowed one thing to happen but we can never know all the reasons.  This happens even in our daily life, an author in his words he meant a lot of things but the reader only discovered 2 wisdom behind the words of author while another discovered 10. If you are still having difficulty to understand this part, please let me know I will try to explain more.

Non-Muslim: Every religious person is blind to his own religions' absurdities.

AbdulAziz: Well that might be true in some cases but not all, I was born Muslim but I did read the Bible and the other religious books, that’s why I can talk about my religion, Christianity, Jewish…etc however it’s not fair to judge a book by its cover, read the contents of the book then judge. You guys should first read the Quran and the authentic books of Islam. Don’t just judge Islam by its cover or because of some black sheep. If I invented a perfect car, however, the driver was a bad driver and he crushed the car, will you blame me and say your car is worst! You cannot do that! So no I am not Muslim just because I was born Muslim or blindly following what the people around me are telling me, I am Muslim because I examined Islam very well and selected Islam by myself.

Non-Muslim: God does not depend on anything yes? But God depends on Angela to spread his messages to a human (Gabriel spoke to Mohammed). And he needs humans to spread his word.

AbdulAziz: When I say depend it’s as if you can’t do something but only when you are depending on someone else. When I said the universe is dependent I meant dependent on something so it can be created, it cannot be created if there was no creator, the ball will not move if nothing kicked or moved the ball, so it’s dependent on something else. God doesn’t depend on angels in the way that he can’t do that without them, in fact using angels as messengers, using prophets as messengers are signs of his perfections. Suppose I was king and I wanted to deliver a message to my people, I wouldn’t go to each one of them and tell them about my words instead I will send my servants to do the job. Another example, you can eat “Dog’s Trash”, however, once you do so you insulted yourself. God can deliver his messages to people however having billions of Angels serving him, having Prophets, having such kingdom it shows Allah’s greatness not Allah’s weakness that he needs something. That’s why I always repeat the same thing, it’s important to know the qualities and attributes of God.

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