Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Discussion with Non-Muslim 3

Discussion about Hopeless situations human might be in. 

Non-Muslim: I would hope that in that situation I would continue to seek medical help and prepare myself for the inevitable. The very act of prayer is ridiculous apart from as a desperate cry.

AbdulAziz: That’s what we actually do, we seek medical help and we prepare ourselves, however, we have one more solution in our hands, it’s our faith in the supernatural powers of Almighty God, this faith alone is more than enough to change our behavior when we are sick. You can’t deny billion stories of sick people getting cured from hopeless diseases when they started praying for help from God. I actually don’t know “How” it worked, it can be for many reasons but the act alone (Of praying to God) helped billion of sick people till our time. So you have 2 weapons (Seek medical help, prepare yourself) but we have three (Seek medical help, prepare ourselves, faith)

Non-Muslim: And now we see the real danger with religion, if I or people I know are deprived of their rights I don't want us to withdraw into ourselves muttering for opiates from the voices in our heads, I want to see them standing in defiance

AbdulAziz: I understand all that, standing up, fighting for your rights…etc it’s all great, however, suppose you are powerless, you have no power to get your right, your fellow humans are not helping you, the difference again between those who don’t believe in God and we who believe in God, is that those who denied his existence, will remain powerless but we have faith at least we will not be depressed, it gives us hope, that if we can’t get justice here God will give us justice in this life or hereafter, this thought alone can relief us of the many mental problems. Remember we both are powerless, which state is better, to be sad and you complain being powerless or to have peace of mind in such state?

Non-Muslim: Learn to have pride in yourself, in your fellow man, in your family and community, what is there to take pride in as a slave to God

AbdulAziz: That doesn’t contradicts what I said at all, we can have pride in ourselves, family…etc however, we have another thing we can be proud of is that actually being servants of Almighty God. Even though I am not sure about you but I am pretty sure that just entering the white house or shaking hands with Obama might give you great pleasure and sense of pride, isn’t it? You might take photos of yourself, paste them on boards…etc why all this? Just because you were in the white house or captured photo with a president (Who is actually non-perfect being, another fellow human). We on the other hand are servants of someone who we believe created our great universe; just being servant of someone who created the universe where the “White House” is residing gives me greater pride. You might ask oh c’mon Obama we can see him, he is having billions of dollars but we can answer you but our God is someone who considers this whole life less than a bug’s wings for his kingdom can’t be compared to this world can you imagine the sense of pride those who believes in him have in their heart.

Really? If you believe in Allah, nothing can make you sad? Citation required

AbdulAziz: You want a perspective from Quran or what? Since we have faith in Allah’s words the following verses are more than enough for us to not be sad, the following is translation of God’s words in Quran
And if any one puts his trust in God, sufficient is (God) for him. For God will surely accomplish his purpose: verily, for all things has God appointed a due proportion.” (065.003)

For more information please read my post about Allah’s Names & Attributes http://abdulaziz-mohammed.blogspot.com/2011/05/allahs-names-attributes.html

Non-Muslim: I Dont think the man with the same name as the Saudi Arabian head of state is going to have much to say after all that.

AbdulAziz: Speaking of my name, “Abdul” means Servant of “Aziz” its meaning is the invincible who cannot be reached and overcome, who is not overcome by anything, the one for whom there is no equal, the one whom all honor and power belongs... 

To Be Continued...

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