Sunday, July 17, 2011

Discussion with Non-Muslim 7

Non-Muslim: If I was without religion how would you convince me that God exists?

AbdulAziz: That’s what I was doing, I posted many proofs before and I will continue posting, I will repeat a quick logical proof. Just because we can't sense God, that doesn't mean he doesn't exists. Some things may be present, but we do not have to prove its existence. For example, can we deny the existence of the voices if we lose the sense of hearing!? And can we deny the existence of odors if we lose the sense of smell!? The same thing applies with God we do not have the means to verify God's presence. Our senses are limited where they cannot monitor certain creatures yet we know they exists. I wonder why it's only when we can't see or sense God we deny his existence, this is what I call emotionally driven.. I will give you more proofs but before doing so I will leave with you a short story:

An atheist wanted to debate the Muslims and so Abu Hanifah was chosen for the job. They agreed a time and place, and when the day came, sure enough, the atheist was there in front of a crowd of people who had gathered to hear the debate. Imam Abu Hanifa however, was absent. They waited and waited and time passed until Abu Hanifah finally arrived, very late. The atheist turned to him and said 'How dare you arrive so late?'

Abu Hanifah apologized and said 'I was on my way over here but came across a forest I had never encountered before. I had to go in, but happened across a river that blocked my way. I got off my horse, looking for a way to cross when all of a sudden; a tree fell and began to cut itself of its own accord. Many more trees fell and also began to cut themselves, making planks of wood, which then assembled and formed a boat. I went onto the boat and it rowed itself across the river, after which I disembarked and came on way here, on foot. This is why I was late'.

The atheist looked at him incredulously and said 'You expect me to believe a forest that was never there before somehow appeared out of nowhere, that trees fell and formed a boat and rowed you all the way across all by themselves? Are you crazy?'

Abu Hanifah "You expect me to believe that this universe, this world, our bodies all appeared out of nowhere without a Creator? Are you crazy?"

Back to our topic, speaking about the chance, if we threw the dice twice in a row, what is the chances that the the same result will be displayed at Same number both times!? Alright we will get the same result but if we keep on repeating the same situation but this time we threw the dice five or ten times, for example! Is there a sane person who expects that he will get the same result everytime! I think the answer is we all know but let's assume it is possible indeed. The question is: If you increased the number of times to throw 100 or 1000 for example: Are you going to expect the same answer!? Many who are having a respected logical mentality will already see the word "Impossible" in their mind! Anyway because among humans there are those with stubborn minds they are not satisfied with such modest numbers! Let's try to throw the dice and move: 1000.000 (million) times! Do you expect any sane person whoever he is be consistent in all of those million times the result will be the same number every time!

This is the chance gentlemen, it’s impossible logically and by pure reasoning, that blind chance prevent error of over billions of attempts to create and arrange one Protein molecule! The question is can we imagine that (accident) across billions of years create the living organism! can it even a single protein molecule only, Proteins are known to us how much they are complicated!

Now let's assume we have a pen, is there any sane person who once sees a pen claims that it was shaped like that for no reason! just like that for no reason! It's only those whose minds were blocked by the clouds of stupidity would claim such a thing, now we all agree that the shape of a pen designed in a way for a reason, can anyone explain why the eye designed in that way, ear, nose, mouth, teeth, hands, legs, hair...etc are they designed in the form we see today for no reason! Just accident over billions of years! The form of each animal, the elephant, camel, tiger, the claws, the skin...etc no sane human would say it wasn't intentionally designed!

Suppose I have built a door and there is a lock, then I created a key and gave it a shape that matches the door's lock. If I said that was chance, who would believe it! If I said no guys I created them by chance in hope that after billion of years a tornado take the key, insert in the lock and open the door....blah blah blah. Honestly, isn't there anyone out here who respects the mind of human beings?  if he can't respect others at least let him respect his own

Unknown: Abdul, I am afraid most atheist teens are indeed confused souls! I feel as if they have no one to trust and openly talk with face to face. It's very sad to be honest

AbdulAziz: That’s the result of pride and ignorance, which happens when we blindly follow what we were taught without giving it a reasonable thought and pride is one of the causes that block some from following the truth...

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  1. Brother AbdulAziz, I want to add to your arguments
    1.A person has limited capacity of seeing in terms f quantity of light. If the light exceeds a specified limit, a person may not be able to see anything. Its scientifically tested and proved. This way Allah is hidden in his own light.
    2. A person is unable to see enormous objects. Can a person point his finger towards a specific area and say this is the sky, or this the earth seeing both these things in whole. Yes, Allah is enormously big. However, his creation alludes to his mastery.
    3. Smelling power ends just like vision if fragrance like light exceeds a limit. Yes, Allah is extremely fragrant and beautiful.

    Allah may bless your efforts

    Muhammad Umer (Pakistan)
    Your Brother in Islam