Wednesday, December 2, 2015

How to achieve your Goals?

Alright, here is a post for people who have less-than-five-minutes to read, I mean those busy people like myself. Sometimes people ask me how to achieve one’s goal. Simple steps known to most of you. Start by understanding your current position and state. Once you are done with your initial assessment, your weaknesses, your strengths, your gifts, your challenges, …etc after that have a clear vision, be specific about your goal and what you want to be. Try to relate your goal to the people around you, to yourself or even to honour God. With determination, persistence attitude and above all the honest prayers seeking God’s help, you will reach there if God wills. Think about it, have you ever prayed to achieve your goals? Your prayers are good measure to understand how serious you are about your goal. If you don’t pray it’s either you think you can achieve it without God’s help which then automatically means its a selfish goal or you are not really serious about your goal. 

The journal in the photo is more than 10 years old, in this journal I noted some of my Strategic Goals back then, my dreams, my wishes, …etc now reading what I wrote before, it seems I achieved so many of them. All thanks and gratitude goes to God, for allowing this to happen. Never fear your goals, your dreams, if you have faith, you have a God who is capable of anything, who showers all of us with his unlimited mercy and opportunities you don’t have any excuse to say you have limited opportunities. Wish you achieve a goal that help yourself, help the people around you and honours God. 

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