Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Magic

The Magic” by Rhonda  is the third book in “The Secret” series a spiritual self-help book series. I am sure most of you are aware of “The Secret” where Rhonda explained the Law of Attraction, I was a fan of Rhonda’s writing since then. After the Secret, Rhonda wrote a book called “The Power” where she focused on the “Law of Love”. The book in the photo, The Magic, focuses on the “Law of Appreciation” or the power of Gratitude where she called it "The Magic”. I think the author was able to awaken me or let’s say did light some dark spots in my mind, to see the blessings around each one of us. I’ve been practicing and trying to be a “Grateful Soul” for so many years, I thought this book wouldn’t add any value but actually it did. It works as a great reminder for the countless blessings of God around us. 

By the way, the same concept, the same example can be found in writings of three great scholars of Islam, Abu Hamed AlGhazzali, Al Fakher Al Razi and Ibn-Qayyim Al-Jawzeiyah. They explained the law of “Gratitude” in very beautiful and different ways scattered in their books, the only difference is that the base of their theories and claims are the verses of the Quran which gives their research credibility among Muslims. In fact Ibn Al Qayyim wrote a dedicated book to talk about such matters, the title in Arabic (Using Enlish letters) "Uddat as-Sabirin wa Dhakhiratu ash-Shakirin” <<< I am not sure if it was translated into English or not. 

Interestingly enough, many of the concepts described in Rhonda’s books can be found in Ibn Al-Qayyim writings even though I doubt if she had read any of his writings before. While I like Ibn Al-Qayyim books more, Rhonda’s writings are great for our generation, simple and to the point, she somehow escapes the philosophical approach to prove the theories, it’s good for lazy people such as myself. I personally think this book is great reminder, a great book to let you start being grateful, for everything… My rating: 8/10

What people said about the book? Kalpit said: “The Magic - By Rhonda Bryne Very helpful and a very smooth read. Easy to understand and fluid language. Lets hope this brings MAGIC to my life.. I completed the 28 days exercise and it's working like magic. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to bring magic to their life. Be grateful and thank every thing around you, air, water, atmosphere, weather, health, arms, legs, bike, car, mobile, internet, computer, family, friends and each any everything that's around you. This book really brought MAGIC to my life…” 

Christi said: “I am so GLAD I bought this book!The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne (creator of the popular film and best selling book, The Secret), is not a book to just read. It is an interactive journey designed to help you experience gratitude on a very deep level. I will be forever grateful to Rhonda Byrne for showing me how to express my gratitude. EXPERIENCING the MAGIC of gratitude through EXPRESSING gratitude is exactly what this book is all about. Only halfway through the book I began experiencing a magnificent renewal of passion for living and believe me, my life has been no bed of roses.” 

Another said: “The Secret taught the world the law of attraction. The Power unleashed the law of love. In Byrne's latest book she drills down into something mentioned in the earlier two works: the law of gratitude.Practice gratitude every day, Byrne teaches, and your life will transform. Studies done in the field of positive psychology advocate the life-transforming power of keeping a gratitude journal. Byrne walks you through how gratitude affects each area of life, health, wealth and relationships. But this book is more practical than the others, with a 28-day path to a life made over by gratitude.

Since I saw the Secret, I've consistently kept a gratitude journal. I know that in my role as carer for my Grandma who has dementia that gratitude has helped me find super-reserves of patience as I promote her dignity and independence. I also know that I still have days — sometimes straight after writing my gratitude journal — where I lose patience and flare-up. I'm still human, and I'm grateful for that.I'm also grateful to Rhonda Byrne for writing this book because it will help me put a jet pack on my gratitude practice and it will help you live a life of gratitude wherever you're at now.”

Few Quotes from the Book: “Muhammad said that gratitude for the abundance you’ve received is the best insurance that the abundance will continue. Buddha said that you have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy. Lao Tzu said that if you rejoice in the way things are, the whole world will belong to you. Krishna said that whatever he is offered he accepts with joy. King David spoke of giving thanks to the whole world, for everything between the heavens and the Earth. And Jesus said thank you before he performed each miracle.” Another beautiful quote: “And if any little problem or situation appears in the future, remember to put out the embers with gratitude before it grows into a fire. At the same time you will ignite the magic in your life!” One last quote: “you parrot negative things and squawk about the things you don’t love, you are literally jailing yourself, like a parrot in a cage. Every time you talk about what you don’t love, you are adding another bar to the cage and you are locking yourself away from all the good.”

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